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Skin Care

How to take care of your skin at 40

The 40”s is very important for skin care, as it begins to lose firmness, collagen production decreases and wrinkles begin to …

Beautiful Skin

6 recommendations for your skin to survive the cold snap

Follow these tips to take care of your skin and we assure you that it will come to spring like …

Body Functions

What is the function of the stomach?

The stomach is one of the 21 organs of our body, fulfilling a primary function in the important process of digesting …

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Organic Food

Myths and truths about transgenic foods

Many transgenic foods have a genetic makeup that can overload the tasks of our kidneys and liver and even end …

Organic Food

7 most common transgenic foods

Being a staple food, cows are often injected with hormones to produce more milk. This practice is prohibited in the European …


Food Additives: Why avoid glutamates (flavor enhancing additives)

Glutamates can be found in the ingredient lists of products such as potato chips or ultra-processed foods. In certain doses and …

Travel Leisure

How to

How to plan a trip to Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the best-known islands in Spanish territory, in the whole of the Balearic Islands. For its beaches, its sun, its atmosphere …

Best Places

The best places to visit in Asturias

Asturias is a Spanish region that has everything you need to enjoy a great trip. Nature, culture and …

Travel Guide

The most beautiful colored mountains in the world

As if it were a work by the illustrious painter Vincent Van Gogh, the Zhangye Danxia …

Party & Celebrations

Party & Celebrations

How to renovate the Christmas tree

There is a tradition that says that every year the Christmas pine must wear at least one new ornament, so that abundance …

Party & Celebrations

How to organize a Peppa Pig party

Hello Kitty the cat is one of the most popular animated characters among girls and teenagers. From t-shirts or backpacks, to toasters, …

Party & Celebrations

How to make Christmas stars to decorate

The stars are a very typical decoration and used by many at Christmas. There are many different crafts and techniques …

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CosmeticsNatural Ingredients

How to prepare a solid shampoo at home to sanitize your hair

Washing the hair with a solid shampoo is a great idea to restore the shine of the hair and to …

NutrientsTips & Tricks

Healthier eating: How to make children”s nutrition healthier and more sustainable

Living healthier and more sustainably with your family is easier than you might imagine. Get started by following these simple tips. …

Skin CareSkin Recipes

Daily routine to nourish the skin with 3 homemade recipes

Healthy skin needs adequate nutrients and hydration. We tell you how you can build your day and night routine with homemade …