Yoga poses for the back – easy and effective

Yoga is beneficial for the back, although it must be practiced with care when there are problems in the spine, because not all the exercises that are carried out are suitable to treat the pathology that one has or to avoid or prevent pain.

Here we are going to teach you the yoga postures for the back that have the most health benefits and are also very easy to do because most of them consist of a few simple stretches. Thus, you can do them, even if you are not in excellent physical shape.

The cane pose or Dandasana

The Dandasana, also known as the cane pose, is very easy to do. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs well.
  2. The legs should remain parallel, touching, while the back is kept straight.
  3. In that position, the next step is to place each of the arms on the sides of the hips, so that they are straight.
  4. The hands have to rest on the ground. If you can”t get there without straining your back, touch the surface with your fingers.

Uttanasana yoga pose or the standing clamp

Another yoga posture for the back is the standing clamp or Uttanasana. This exercise consists of standing up with your arms at your sides and following these steps:

  1. In that position, you should take in air and bring them up.
  2. Then, the back should be bent forward, while the air is released, and the knees are bent a little and so that the arms are hanging, although they can be collected by bending them.
  3. If there is no pain and you are flexible, you touch the floor or hold your ankles with your hands to further stretch your back.
  4. This support can also be done at the height of the calves if it is not so low.
  5. If you have enough flexibility, and if not with practice it will end up coming out, you have to get to place the head in front of the legs, touching them, and holding the legs with the arms, to facilitate the approach, placing the arms at right angles and the palms of the hands following the tendon of the heel.
  6. After a few seconds in that position, you have to get up slowly.

Remember that your degree of flexibility determines how much of the exercise you can do without hurting yourself and think that with practice you will gain flexibility and you will be able to perform the full exercise. With this asana, not only does the entire back stretch well, but the legs also stretch to the maximum.

The Apanasana position in yoga

Among the yoga postures for the back, there is also the Apanasana or knees to the chest, which is very good for stretching the entire lower back. For this position follow these instructions:

  1. Lie on the floor on your back with your back well supported and your legs straight.
  2. From that position, you take in air to release it as your knees bend, leading them towards your chest.
  3. In this position, you have to put a hand on each of the knees and make a slight pressure to bring them closer to the chest.
  4. If you can, slowly, you should be bending the head, neck and upper back so that it is between the knees and thus stretch the entire back.

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana or feet up, perfect for stretching the back

This yoga posture for the back is also very simple and serves both to stretch the back and the legs well. In addition, it can be done without support or done by leaning the legs against a wall. Follow the steps to do the feet up pose:

  1. Lie on your back with your back perfectly supported and with your knees slightly bent, but without forgetting that the soles of your feet are in contact with the ground.
  2. From that position, you have to stretch one of the legs, forming a straight horizontal line with the body.
  3. From there, it has to be raised until it is perpendicular to the ground.
  4. To keep it straight and aid in stretching, it can be held behind the knee with the hands.
  5. Then you return to the starting position and do the whole exercise with the other leg.
  6. It can also be done with both legs at the same time and supported on the wall.

Yoga pose for the lower back

To take care of the lumbar, within the yoga postures to take care and strengthen the back, there is one that is specific and that is very easy to perform. In this case, follow these indications:

  1. Lie down on the floor, but face down, having to stretch your legs and arms in a relaxed way.
  2. The next step is to stretch them as they rise slightly to relax the entire area of the lower back, including the waist.
  3. This process is done by alternating one of the arms and the opposite leg at the same time. That is, for example, the left arm is stretched with the right leg.
  4. Then, it is returned to the starting position and the movement is changed, so that it will be necessary to stretch the right arm with the left leg.

With these yoga postures for the back that we have told you in this article, you will see how you notice improvement and you will perceive less pain and greater well-being. But do not forget to always consult your doctor and specialists beforehand about whether or not yoga is ideal for your case and if there could be other more advisable exercises depending on your needs.


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