Yoga nidra exercises

Yoga nidra is a deep and mindful relaxation and meditation technique that is becoming increasingly popular. For this reason, we want to tell you what exactly it consists of, what its benefits and yoga nidra exercises are. Our objetive? That you know every detail of this technique and can practice it comfortably from home. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to relax and have a frenetic pace, we assure you that yoga is one of the best solutions. Sometimes, it is necessary to stop and breathe deeply in order to cope with various day-to-day situations. Turn these exercises into a routine and you will be able to face problems in a different way. Shall we get down to it?

What is yoga nidra

As we have already mentioned, it is a deep meditation that comes from an ancient tantric practice. First of all you should know that in this type of yoga your state is totally conscious, yes, its objective is for the mind to relax completely and live the external experience through the senses. A physical, mental and emotional relaxation and, with a lot of practice, it is possible to achieve the “nidra” level that translates into a ”conscious dream”.

We assure you that it is a very difficult state of meditation to achieve so the normal thing is that, in the first days, you do not manage to reach the level completely. What we do assure you is that all those who have practiced it say that it is a recommended experience to be able to explore ourselves internally and achieve full relaxation.

Benefits of yoga nidra

Experts in the technique of yoga nidra assure that it is a profound transformation that gives a therapeutic and satisfying experience for the body. In addition, the main benefits of yoga nidra are as follows:

  • Calm the mind, reduce stress, and raise self-esteem and mood.
  • It helps us relax and open our mind to be able to solve the situations or problems in our daily life. So it is considered that it helps to make more timely decisions.
  • Helps maintain physical, mental and emotional balance in moments of personal transition, such as breakups, divorces, menopause, illnesses, etc.

Yoga nidra exercises

What you should know first is that Yoga Nidra is practiced stretched out on the back on a mat or rug. It is important that you feel comfortable, that nothing bothers you. Open your arms and put your palms up, spread your legs and make the instep of your feet face outwards. Put a cushion under your head, lower back and heels to avoid discomfort as the session progresses.

With the state of relaxation in which you find yourself, you can feel sleepy and it is important that you do not fall asleep. If you notice that you are going to do it, take a deep breath. This fact can happen especially at the beginning of the practice, as you progress you will be able to control it.

With this type of exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature are lowered, so it is very important that you dress up a bit even in summer. The clothes must be comfortable and light and you have to take off your shoes. Also keep in mind that the room has to be dark and quiet.

Close your eyes and do not open them throughout the session, visualize the place where you are and your position. Relax your body and stay totally still. Observe how you breathe, how your body fills with calm and how with expirations you take out of your body tensions, negative thoughts and worries and with your inspirations you fill yourself with relaxation and fullness.

At this point pay attention to the largest parts of your body and become aware of them. Repeat positive phrases to yourself or something good that has ever happened to you. Fill yourself with that positive thought and give it four or five minutes.

To finish, become aware of all the parts of your body and then visualize the space in which you are again. Little by little your mind will return to total reality but, when you open your eyes, you will notice yourself differently, you will notice that you are much more relaxed and how now you can face everything and face again what worries you.


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