Yoga Diary: Why Every Yogi Should Have One

Keeping a yoga journal helps you keep track of your progress

You”ve just started yoga, you”ve learned a few poses, you know some breathing techniques, and maybe you”re starting to feel like your body is in better shape than it was before.

If you want to keep things that way (and you most likely will), then you should probably consider starting a yoga journal.

This will help you keep track of your progress, physical, mental and spiritual.

What is a Yoga journal?

A yoga journal is basically a class journal. In it, you can keep track of all the yoga exercises you have done so far, and the ones you want to do one day. You can take notes on the different poses and types of yoga to help you determine which parts to review and improve.

You can write down how each exercise or day made you feel in your journal, so that you can easily identify which poses or stretches work best for you for a particular mood.

If the routine of a particular day makes you feel pain or leaves you dissatisfied, you can quickly search through the entries in your journal to determine if you need to change anything.

Beyond that, you can even include pre-session preparations and any activities you have done after the session.

Why keep a journal?

Keeping a yoga journal is a great way to stay in the routine you planned.

It helps you stay consistent and focused on your goals both in the short and long term. Reading about all the work you have put into your body, mind, and spirit can keep you even more motivated to stick with your plan.

There is a certain sense of accomplishment when looking at a journal that is almost devoid of blank pages.

A yoga journal also acts as written evidence of the many benefits of yoga that you have gained through all the sessions.

A journal is a great outlet to let out positive and negative emotions.

The next time you attend your yoga class, consider taking a notebook with you and writing down your experiences, thoughts, and reflections at the end of the session, or if you don”t feel like taking notes there, when you get home, do a memory exercise and remember and write down each asana of the session, each feeling, any idea or thought that arises.

Just as your old school notebook helped you, your yoga journal will also keep you on the path to being the person you want to be.

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