WW2 Last Commando Survival: hunt down and eliminate your enemies

If you are looking for a free action game that offers a quality that is not bad at all, one of the options you should not miss is WW2 Last Commando Survival. This is a development in which you must kill all the enemies (members of the Axis) that appear before you.

With three-dimensional graphics, this is a development in which different missions are carried out in which there are several objectives that are different, so it is not a particularly repetitive development. But it is short, since it does not take long to overcome the difficulties you encounter. Of course, the number of challenges available in WW2 Last Commando Survival are quite numerous, so it ensures a good amount of hours of play, which is always good.

The three-dimensional environments that appear on the screen are not especially advanced, but at least they comply. Interestingly, in terminals that are not very powerful sometimes they have difficulties to execute them, which shows that WW2 Last Commando Survival is not very well optimized … but what is true is that we have not found execution failures. The sound, by the way, is correct and both the soundtrack and the effects meet. Therefore, a solvent development in these sections and that can be used without problems in terminals with eight-core processor and a minimum of 3 GB.

The user interface is correct, with the controls the usual places on the touch screen and, the truth is that everything is quite intuitive (yes, the size of the buttons, for example the reload, should be somewhat larger already that this would not hinder the development of the game). By the way, WW2 Last Commando Survival is not translated, but this is not a serious problem since texts are not essential in missions. The key is the ability to shoot and know how to protect yourself, as is.

Play WW2 Last Commando Survival

Well, the fact is that in the succession of missions you have to do almost everything: from collecting items scattered across the map to ending all enemy soldiers. There is no great complication, but if it is true that the speed at which everything is executed could be much greater, since sometimes going from one place to another is eternalized more than desirable. WW2 Last Commando Survival is not lacking the possibility of using different weapons and even being able to use a telescopic sight to become a sniper. But yes, learning to handle yourself in the game has a somewhat more complex learning curve than expected.

A correct game, which has sections to improve -like those of usability and optimization-, and which also abuses the ads that sometimes become torture. The best thing is that once its use is controlled, it is true that it is not bad at all … something is something.

Get WW2 Last Commando Survival

If you want to download this game for Android, you can do it at no cost in the Galaxy Store and also in the Play Store. In both cases you do not have to pay anything for it, which increases the attractiveness of development. Without being the best action game we have tried, at least it is somewhat entertaining when you learn to use.

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