Working As A Welder – Everything You Need to Know.

Do you know what a soldering iron is? It is a person who is dedicated to joining metal parts or bars to each other through a process that generates heat, with electric current, using a specialized machine for this and that is usually the basis of buildings.
Welders are responsible for maintaining each of the pieces of any object, large or small, without detaching them, but they must be made of the same material and are supported by a solidified joint at separate points.
Welding is responsible, through heat , that the parts melt and can be fused in turn with the metal that must be joined to another, for this reason special rods are used that contain already solidified metal that with the contact of the sparks stick to the one you want to join.
The welds made by the person are carried out by means of some templates, in a construction the work of the welder is as important as that of the architect, on tables arranged for it or on the ground, depending on the work that is going to be carried out taking into account the object, the size and the use that is going to give it.

What do you need?

  • Welding machine.
  • Electrodes Gloves.
  • Special lens.
  • Appropriate clothing.
  • Laser rays.
  • Electric current.


Welders are the people in charge of joining the metal pieces in large or small constructions, to assemble building structures, houses, carts, among many other ways that are used by people to maintain a lifestyle in accordance with the current.

Welders usually use tools, procedures and techniques that can be technician, with special machinery or through smaller ones and manuals with the necessary equipment to avoid incidents such as gloves, masks and special overalls.

Among the many tools that they usually use, the one that usually welds is an electrode held by a kind of iron mitt that releases sparks when it comes into contact with the metal, generating a casting that provides the liquid that is the one that welds the parts.

Work like soldiers step by step

  1. The welder performs work where a spark is produced by friction between the tip of an electrode and the metal to be joined, to form any figure both in construction, and in various uses that you want to give to a structure.
  2. Welding is also usually by other means such as laser beams with more sophisticated machinery in addition to study techniques and procedures, which will lead people to work different jobs.
  3. There are manual welding jobs, where experts use a metal arc or rod that holds an electrode, which generates sparks through heat to cause the metal to melt and thus join the parts to be welded.
  4. After this process, you must wait for the metal to cool, so that you can then grind the weld point so that the spot that has been welded is not noticeable, an expert in this work does it so that a clean job remains.
  5. The flame is formed by combustion, which gives the welder the possibility of joining one piece with another, allowing it to solidify, verifying that they have been unified, to avoid possible ruptures in each of the pieces of the structure.
  6. There are many types of welding, among which we can mention those of gas, tungsten that are more sophisticated that serve to protect the weld also to join other materials such as aluminum, steel, titanium, tin and others.
  7. Many of the welders make a sketch of the work to be done before starting their work with the measurements and the size of the object to be made, in order to do a job based on creativity and confidence that looks good.
  8. On the other hand, specialized drawings are also followed with specific instructions, so that they are perfect depending on the angle that is necessary to keep the structure well fixed by welding.
  9. The welder must take postures that help him to do a good job, according to the shape or structure that he is going to do, which can be lying down, standing or kneeling, keeping a rest between each piece that joins.
  10. You must have the mask on at all times, ensuring that it has safety glass that prevents you from irritating your eyes, since the light emanating from the sparks can be very damaging to the welders” eyesight.
  11. Before starting to weld, the welder must take care to clean the surface of the parts well, bearing in mind that afterwards they must paint with anticorrosive paint and thus prevent the weld from being oxidized by the oxygen in the air in contact with the metal.
  12. Welds can be made from top to bottom and horizontally or vertically, depending on the work to be done, often being structures that are going to be the base of a house or building, requiring that it be strong and resistant.
  13. To verify that the job is well done, it is necessary that it be supervised by an expert, making it clear that if you need to weld a little more it should be done immediately, in order to avoid the structures from falling.
  14. Likewise, the safety of the person who welds must be the main thing by providing all the necessary material in which the implements and safety equipment stand out for the protection of the parts of the person who performs the work.
  15. Many people who carry out the welding work have been replaced by robots, due to the technification and mass construction of the objects that need welding, more mechanized and on a large scale or massive.
  16. Despite this, there is an expert welding staff who usually supervise each of the jobs that robots perform, to be surer of a clean, safe and reliable job on which the life of any person depends.
  17. Welders must take into account the use of the necessary material for protection, which is usually: Overalls, Helmet, and Mask with special glass, Safety boots, Gloves, Apron, and Headphones.
  18. The welder is a person who must know his work, in addition to knowing how to work in a team and of course having enough confidence in the personnel around him, who are usually his assistants at all times in whom he must settle for his work.
  19. It is a profession that requires physical strength and hard work, so it is difficult to take into account the possibility of maintaining total safety of movement, since you should not hesitate when it comes to joining the parts of the body structure to be made.


  • The welder must be a person with technical and specific knowledge of his work.
  • It is necessary that you have precision, a firm and strong hand, as well as the ability to concentrate.
  • Be a person of integrity who knows how to carry out their work according to specific instructions.
  • Coordination of your eyes with your hands, always wearing the necessary protection on your face.

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