With what period I must notify to leave a rental apartment

Staying in a rented home is a very common occurrence today, either because we do not want to have to pay a mortgage, because we are students outside our home, or because we usually change housing regularly and find it more comfortable than buying a house. There are many reasons why we might prefer to live on rent. But of course, one does not usually live on rent forever, and it is always time to change homes, so that is when the doubts begin. Here we explain an important part, with what term we must notify to leave a rental apartment.

What does the rental agreement contain

According to the current LEGISLATION, when we signed a lease that contains some features that we must follow to avoid breaking the contract.

  • A rental contract is one year long. In the event that we break it, we would also have to pay the indicated period.
  • The minimum legal period to notify our landlord of the intention to leave the apartment is 30 days. At the time of closing the contract, we can specify another period longer than this if necessary, but 30 days is the minimum.
  • If there is agreement between both parties and the owner accepts it, we can specify another period of notice to the owner, but never less than 30 days.
  • In the case of not terminating the contract after the end of the year, it is automatically extended for another year.


What happens to the bond? Tips to avoid problems

  • Normally at the beginning of the contract you will be asked to pay a month or two months deposit, which the owner will keep in reserve for what may happen.
  • In the event that we do not meet the conditions of the contract or leave the apartment without notice in the specified period, we will lose the deposit.
  • If, at the time we leave the house, it is damaged, damaged or is not in the same condition as when we received it, the owner may consider keeping the deposit to reform the damage.
  • As we or the tenant hire the electricity and water services, we will have to cancel them or the owner.

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