With this app you can add applications to the lock screen on Android

We all know how important our lock screen is on Android. And, it is the screen we see when we turn on our mobile and start manipulating it. A good wallpaper and some options, you can make us enjoy and further increase the user experience on Android.

Therefore, we want to show an application that will allow us to put some shortcuts of applications , contacts and notifications on our Android, so you do not waste time or unlock, and have everything you need at hand on the lock screen.

Next allows you to add applications on the lock screen

From the hand of Microsoft, this app called next, focuses on offering us a totally different experience on our lock screen. At least different from what we manufacturers allow us to do by default.

With this app, you can add shortcuts of the apps you need to the lock screen. This way, you will avoid entering the system to do certain actions.

You can also add contacts, notifications and toggles

Beyond the apps, this application allows us to add contacts, add custom weather widgets. It also offers us to assign different types of wallpaper on our lock screen and even add tasks and events from the Microsoft calendar.

On the other hand, it allows us to add a pin on the lock screen, control Spotify music and other available tools such as having the flashlight on hand.

How to use this app

To use this app, we must install it through the Play Store with the link below. Once downloaded, we must make the app administrator of the device, but will not let us use it. Then, we accept and activate all permissions and we can start adding shortcuts and tools of all kinds to your mobile.

It is important that you keep in mind that if you do not activate the screen by default you deactivate the fingerprint of the mobile and put it when you completely configure the lock screen with Next. Since we have verified that it causes some incompatibility.

Customization to the fullest

You can create your own lock screen with all the elements you need thanks to the tools provided by this app. It is highly recommended because Android Stock and other customization layers, by default, does not allow us to configure our lock screen. However, and luckily, there are some apps that allow us to do this kind of thing without root.

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