Why is it important to hydrate the skin?

You”ve heard it a thousand times: you need to hydrate your skin to keep it beautiful and healthy, but why? And it is that when it comes to beauty tricks many times, we do not know the reason, that is why sometimes we underestimate their importance or the effects that certain habits can have on the appearance of our skin.

 That”s why here we give you some good reasons to discover why it is important to hydrate the skin and incorporate this habit into your daily routine.

Because it helps to combat the impact of external factors

Climate changes have tremendous effects on our skin, the sun, cold, heat, wind and also pollution affect our face and the rest of the dermis every day, drying it and making it much more vulnerable. But hydrating our skin on a daily basis helps to keep it soft and protected against all these external factors, guaranteeing a proper appearance and health despite the seasons or pollution.

Because it reduces the appearance of marks and skin damage

Over time, excessive sun exposure or poor diet, our skin can begin to suffer from spots, cellulite, dermatitis or redness typical of dryness. All these factors can be reduced if we properly hydrate our skin, as this habit helps to nourish it and keep it in better condition, making it less vulnerable to all these types of conditions.

Good hydration will help you prevent stretch marks that appear with the stretching of the dermis, and hide their presence once they are on the skin.

Because it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Do you want to effectively combat premature aging? Well then, incorporate the habit of hydrating your skin daily and you will notice the difference. A properly hydrated skin is much more flexible, suffering less from the impact of the marks that appear due to frequent gestures and also over the years. The more nutrients and vitamins you contribute to your complexion in proper hydration, the less time it will feel the impact.

Because it fights dryness and other dermatological conditions

Over the years our skin loses the ability to retain water properly as the sebaceous glands do not work as effectively, which is why it dries up and becomes more sensitive. It is important to hydrate the skin on a daily basis to minimize the impact of these changes and maintain adequate moisture, very useful for a much healthier and more fresh skin.

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