Why is it bad to sleep with makeup?

We have all slept on occasion with makeup on after a long day or a night out, and although this happens just once nothing happens, repeatedly it can end up causing serious damage to our skin.

We invite you to discover in the following article the answer to why is sleeping with makeup bad? and so you will know the reasons why you should remove your makeup daily before going to bed. Everything for healthy and beautiful skin!

Steps to follow:

1. During the day, external pollutants, environmental bacteria and mites from the outside come into contact with the skin of the face and cover the makeup base that you have applied first thing in the morning. For this reason, sleeping with makeup, among other things, does not free your skin of the residues that accumulate and prevent microcirculation and skin renewal from occurring properly during the night. You should know that it is precisely at night when the cellular regeneration of the skin takes place, and that if it is not completely clean, this regeneration will be hampered and the result is prematurely aged skin, with the accelerated appearance of wrinkles and new lines of expression.

2. In addition, when sleeping with makeup, the pores become clogged and the skin does not breathe what it needs during the night. Take into account that clogged pores are the main cause of the appearance of blackheads and pimples, so this is more than enough reason to remove your makeup every day before going to sleep. This task is especially important when you have acne, as sleeping with your makeup on all night will greatly aggravate this skin condition.

3. If the cellular regeneration of the skin cannot be carried out correctly during the night, in addition to accelerating the visibility of the signs of aging, the skin of the face will also begin to look duller, dehydrated and with dry areas. Removing make-up on a daily basis is a habit that, without a doubt, favors the health of your skin and allows it to look healthy, radiant and beautiful.

4. And not only will cosmetics applied to your skin wreak havoc on your appearance while you sleep, but mascara can also harm the health of your lashes. In addition to the fact that these will become much more fragile and brittle, makeup that remains in the eyes for so long can end up causing irritation and increase the risk of suffering from conditions such as blepharitis or conjunctivitis. So do not forget to remove your eyes correctly before going to sleep and, thus, you will always keep them in perfect condition.

5. And does sleeping with lipstick on have negative effects on the skin? The answer is yes, because lipsticks with strong pigments need to be removed with makeup remover before going to bed, as they accentuate the dryness of the lips and the formation of cracks in them.

6. With all this, it is clear why it is bad to sleep with makeup, and it is that even if you do not notice anything from spending a night without removing the paint from your face, in the long run the result will be more aged, dry, without light and fatigued skin. You can learn more about this in the article Why it is important to remove makeup. Also take into account that if the makeup remains so many hours on your face, the next day it will be much more difficult to remove and you will have to rub harder, something that does not benefit your skin at all.

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