Why don”t you jump in if you like me?

You think he likes you, but hasn”t he told you anything yet? Often the first step is not easy. We notice from the first moment a special chemistry between the two, but insecurity can make you have doubts when it comes to showing your feelings. If you are not sure why she still does not move when the attraction is evident between you, pay attention to the next article. Here we give you the keys so that you know at once why it is not launched if it likes you. Fear, insecurity, or fear of rejection are usually the main causes. Do you want to know them all? You will find them here.

Do not wait for it to launch: launch yourself

The first mistake is to believe that the other person is the one who has to take the first step. When we are attracted to another person, we usually stand by and create our own uncertainty, drowning our thoughts in questions such as: Will he really like me? Will he feel the same as me? Why doesn”t he tell me anything? STOP!

The first thing you should do if you like a person is to be honest with yourself and with him or her. Arm yourself with courage and show your feelings, whatever they may be. If you are the first to take the step, you will save yourself a lot of uncertainty and headaches.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the other person is expecting the same thing as you? That is, you are the one who takes the first step. You may both be looking forward to it and at the same time waiting for the same situation to arise. The important thing in these cases, as we have said, is to arm yourself with courage and look for a moment of communication and dialogue, what better way than to talk to solve any enigma.

You may be afraid of rejection

Fear is paralyzing and the other person may be feeling it and is the main cause of their blockage. Fear, why? Rejection is usually the answer. Perhaps that person is not clear if you can feel the same and the fear of being rejected is one of the fears that can most block a person before taking the step. If you want him to jump in, show him that the attraction is reciprocal and that you too feel that your relationship is special. Give it a hand!

Security also plays a fundamental role and, generally, is closely tied to the fear that a person may feel to show their feelings. When someone feels insecure, in all the areas that the word can cover, it can be a basic reason why they do not dare to show their feelings. Do you think it is safe because it shows it in public? Think that it can be part of a role, of a learned public attitude.

But people in intimacy, in the short distance, are much more vulnerable and can also feel the fear of rejection, shame or shyness. He may not know how to launch himself, help him to let go and take the first step.

Don”t know what you feel

Have you been clear or clear on your part? If you are in the opposite position waiting for them to launch, you should reflect on your attitude. Did you give the right signals? Have you shown your interest in the other person? Believe it or not, all of this can have a lot to do with taking the first step. And if he is still undecided, you should be the one to jump in at once.

Among the derivatives of the fear of rejection and insecurity is the fear of making a fool of ourselves and this is something that can greatly slow down a person if they are not 100% willing to jump. If she is not clear about it, she will not take the step and much less if the environment where the crush has occurred has a common environment.

Work, university, friends … For many people a refusal will mean making a fool of themselves and, what is worse, continuing to see the other person. The environment can slow him down a lot, so we insist that the signals must be clear if you want him to launch.

Feel insecure

Finally, something that can paralyze long before taking the step is the feeling of inferiority. This feeling comes from the hand of insecurity and is often a reason for reflection for people who are not able to take the first step. What if I”m not up to the task? What if I am not enough? These are questions that assail more than one head. In this case, try to show that you like him the way he is. The feeling of inferiority can be due to social class or simply because of what you represent in the environment. Paving the way is the best thing you can do in that case.

Remember, if it doesn”t launch, you can always do it. Don”t wait for the other person to take the first step if you are completely sure of your feelings. What if it doesn”t work out? Nothing happens! There will already be many more opportunities. But if he really likes you and you like him, you should not miss that train. Try to help that person show their feelings, communication is a great power.


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