Why doesn”t my boyfriend want to marry me?

There are multiple reasons why your partner doesn”t want to marry you, and it”s not always because of immaturity or because he no longer loves you. Keep reading and discover what the most important factors to consider are.

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful emotions someone can experience. In fact, the happiness of being with the person you love increases when, when the time comes, your partner tells you that he wants to marry you.

But what happens when this does not happen? When, no matter how long you wait, the long-awaited question doesn”t come? Thousands of doubts and fears are likely to pile up in your head.

You have to take something into account. The fact that you want to establish a married life does not mean that your partner wants the same. The other may love you with all his heart, but multiple factors influence him.

Let”s see more about it below.

Why doesn”t my boyfriend want to get married, doesn”t he love me?

Above all, it”s important for you to know that just because your boyfriend doesn”t want to get married doesn”t mean he doesn”t love you. It is often said that men are more resistant to commitment than women, but that is not true.

Currently, there are many girls who do not want to commit. Relationships evolve and, with them, the needs of each one. You should not compare yourself with other couples or base a request for a hand on a demonstration of love.

But how can you know that he does not want to marry you? Some of the indications are the following.

  • Avoid talking about it:whenever you try to bring up the topic in conversation, you avoid and start talking about something else.
  • He does not plan for the future: he never talks about his life as a couple and he does not plan for the future.
  • He does not make a decision: he does not finish taking a position on it when the subject comes up.
  • Avoid talking as a couple:never use “we” in conversations.

The most likely causes

The reason a boy may not want to get married doesn”t always have to do with taking the relationship seriously. Actually, there are other factors that may be influencing:

  • The marriage means nothing to him. Many people do not feel represented by a signed paper or by an institution. The idea may simply run counter to its principles.
  • He considers that he still has goals to achieve. In this case, the idea of ​​commitment may circle your mind, but later in time.
  • Fear of compromise or loss of freedom and independence.
  • He believes that he does not have enough material and financial resources to assume the responsibility of raising a family.
  • Traumatic past experiences:divorced parents or a failed marriage.
  • He is no longer in love. In these cases, it is likely that not only do you not want to get married, but you want to leave the relationship and do not dare. So, the best thing for your dignity and self-esteem, if you discover this, would be to put an end to yours.

What should I do about it?

Learn to be patient in the difficult situation of discovering why your partner is afraid of marriage commitment. Some keys that can help you are these:

  • Talk about it (always with respect and calm). Let him know what you want, what your plans are, and your expectations regarding marriage.
  • Don”t overwhelm him or force him to marry. That is one of the most important decisions that exists and cannot be made lightly or under pressure. In the same way, surely you have enough self-esteem to know that you should not beg or blackmail anyone to agree to be with you.
  • Explain that getting married does not ruin the relationship,but consecrates the love of the couple. You may have the wrong picture of what a marriage means.

Remember the most important thing: communication

Talk to your partner if you have any questions. Don”t take things for granted, or make up movies that just happen in your head.  If you are together and have a stable relationship, trust should prevail.

Explain your fears and propose to talk about his fears. In this way, you can understand what is happening and even begin to see their behavior with different eyes. Remember that, above all, you are friends and you must support each other as such.


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