Why does my makeup crack?

It has happened to almost all women, at least once in their lives, that after wearing splendid makeup, two hours later they look in the mirror and have the base and even the dust cracked. If there are already several times that you have found yourself in front of the mirror asking yourself: why my makeup cracks, keep reading this article to find the answer.

Steps to follow:

1.The main reason makeup cracks is because the skin needs hydration. You may not have noticed that your face looks cracked just when you forgot to apply the moisturizer before applying makeup. Always before applying any cosmetic to the face, you must hydrate it, not only because it is a necessary care for your health, but also because hydration helps make makeup more durable and results in a better result.

2.Choosing the wrong foundation based on your skin type can be the reason that makeup cracks. If you bought a very creamy base and your skin is oily or if you bought a base with little coverage, it is normal for your makeup to crack.

3.If you had a bad night and the next day your makeup cracks, calm down, blame it on the night. When you spend the night with insomnia or sleep fewer hours than usual because you were partying, it is normal that the next day your makeup cracks, because your body did not produce the necessary amount of collagen due to the absence of restful sleep and you have as a result an emaciated and dehydrated skin.

4.Washing the face twice a day is a premise that every woman must comply with, when this does not happen it is normal for the makeup to crack, since the excess dirt and oil on the skin do not allow the cosmetic to fix properly. Wash your face, hydrate it and make up again.

5.Having oily skin may be one of the reasons that makeup cracks. Like when you don”t wash your face, grease prevents makeup from setting properly.

6.Using compact powder when you”re in wet weather can cause your makeup to crack. For heat, steam and humidity, you always prefer to seal your makeup with translucent powder, thus ensuring that it lasts longer and has the ideal finish.

7.If you haven”t cleaned your makeup brushes in a long time, that”s the answer to why your makeup cracks. In the brushes and specks dead cells accumulate, residues and dirt that you must eliminate for the health of your skin and to achieve a perfect finish of the cosmetics on your face.

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