Why do relationships end?

Not all relationships last a lifetime. Some of them fulfill a cycle in our life and, when this ends, it only remains to get a good learning and move on, wiser and stronger.

Relationships as a couple are an important part of everyone”s life. But, despite the happiness they can bring us, the truth is that not all of them are positive or lasting in the long term. Next we will see why relationships end.

Why do relationships end?

During a relationship we give ourselves, to a greater or lesser extent, and we put our dreams and hopes in the other person.

There are numerous factors that can cause the breakage of something that we thought was indissoluble. First of all you should know that every good or bad relationship is an experience that should help us to be better human beings.

Expectations, dreams and longings

This is undoubtedly the first reason for many breakups. At first everything is newwhile we know our counterpart we tend to adjust it to models that we had previously developed.

What happens when reality does not correspond to our ideal? Well many times we begin to see defects in the other that become more and more annoying.

However, they are not new, it has been so since the day they met. The other person has not changed, but your way of seeing it has. Being realistic and learning to accept and enjoy each other”s strengths and weaknesses is essential for a relationship to last.

Zero effort

Do you remember those surprises? How hard did you try to like your partner and make him happy? What happened?

The initial challenge of seduction stimulates our creativity and sense of adventure, however, when time passes, we let ourselves be won by laziness and routine.

For a relationship not to die, it needs to be a constant exploration of the senses. We must be aware of the value of our partner and how much we are willing to do every day to preserve it. Let us not forget that love must be cultivated.

Toxic relationships

When jealousy, manipulation, the attempt to totally change our partner and dependency appear, we are involved in a toxic relationship. It is not love that holds them together, but lies, coercion and control.

Loving is not possessing, you are someone free, unique and authentic, and your partner too. Toxic relationships are very destructive. Better to finish them and open the doors for new, healthier and more rewarding loves.


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