Why do pimples appear on the face?

Acne usually appears in adolescence, although pimples on the chin or pimples on the forehead or other areas of the face are not always related to the changes that occur at this stage of life and, in general, respond to hormonal disturbances. There are other factors that explain why pimples appear on the face.

In fact, there are several causes behind these unsightly granite”s. If this is your case, surely you have sometimes wondered why I get pimples on my face. Here we will explain the main reasons and the foods that produce grains on the face. In addition, we also tell you about the treatments to eliminate them and the home remedies for the pimples on the face that are most effective so that you can look a face free of blemishes.

Why pimples appear on the face – the causes

Why pimples appear on the face is a question many people ask, even if they don”t have a serious acne problem. The truth is that there are multiple causes behind these unsightly granite”s, although the main ones are these:

  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes are the main reason that explains why pimples appear on the body and face. Typically, this cause is most commonly related to pimples on the chin and surrounding areas. But it should be borne in mind that the pimples are not only related to hormonal changes in adolescence, they can also appear due to other hormonal changes – for example, menopause or the menstrual cycle -, or due to a thyroid problem.
  • Food:food is another of the main factors that explains the appearance of pimples, including pimples on the forehead. Foods that produce pimples on the face are all those that have a large amount of fat, such as all foods that are precooked, fried or battered due to their high fat content; red meat because animal proteins are not easy to digest and residual products accumulate in the body; eggs because the yolk can alter the pH of the skin; bread, pasta and flour because they favor skin irritation; dairy products, especially if they are not skimmed, and chili peppers and spices because they irritate the dermis.
  • Beverages:alcohol favors the presence of pimples on the face, as well as other drinks that contain cola or sugars. Also coffee and tea, especially when consumed in excess, facilitate the appearance of granites because caffeine increases the production of hormones.
  • Stress:stress, anxiety and not getting enough sleep or having quality sleep are related factors that help the appearance of pimples because they produce changes in the body and, specifically, the mechanism that regulates fat in the body.

Treatments to remove pimples on the face

To treat pimples on the face, there are different alternatives, both medical and aesthetic, and it is always convenient to put yourself in the hands of professionals and experts to apply the best treatment, which must always be combined with an adequate cleaning and skin care routine:

  • Hormonal treatments: it is the taking of medicines, normally oral contraceptives or anti androgenic drugs, to avoid hormonal alterations.
  • Chemical peel:this treatment is one of the most used for acne because it has multiple effects as it is drying and anti-inflammatory, apart from being exfoliating. Normally, it is done using some acid. Among the most common are glycol, cyclical, phenol, or theoretical, among others.
  • Laser: It is another of the most popular treatments to remove pimples from the face, although it is used to remove scars from pimples. In fact, it is always convenient to use it when acne breakouts are already controlled.
  • Biophotonics: this treatment consists of using a high-power LED light in combination with a photogenic gel, which spreads over the area to be treated before emitting the light. This technique is even effective in cases of severe acne, acting on the pimples and also on scars.

How to remove pimples from the face with home remedies

The home remedies for pimples are also quite effective, although it is always important to see a doctor. In fact, these tricks are usually more useful when you have some grain and, in addition, it has come out at the most inopportune moment. Before a moderate or severe acne problem, you should always visit a specialist. But what remedies can be used? They are several:

  • Toothpaste:using toothpaste to remove pimples is one of the most popular home remedies because it manages to end them thanks to its content in baking soda and alcohol. You just have to apply a small amount to the area to dry it and, in a short time, it disappears.
  • Lemon:Lemon for grains is another of the most used home remedies because it is quite effective as it is astringent. Its use is easy. You just have to take some freshly squeezed juice and apply it to the affected area for up to ten minutes. Then it is rinsed with plenty of water.
  • Green clay: you may have heard of green clay for facial pimples, as it also achieves good results to eliminate them, thanks to its purifying and exfoliating properties. Its use is easy, you have to take a little green clay – there are already many brands that sell it ready to use – and put it on the area, as if it were a face mask. After leaving it to act for about ten minutes, it is removed with water.
  • Honey:The honey to remove the grains is another of the best home remedies because it is antibacterial and prevents them from becoming infected, which helps pimples disappear before. In this case, the use may vary. Although it is possible to use it alone -applying an amount on the area to be treated-, the truth is that it is more common to use it with other ingredients, such as lemon or strawberry, the latter being a good exfoliate.

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