Why am I not hungry in the morning?

It has been repeated ad nauseam; Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This first bite is what allows us to start the day with enough energy, accelerates our body from the morning and activates our metabolism to burn fat for the next few hours.

But theory is one thing and practice is another, apart from people who do not have time to make a good breakfast or those who simply do not want to, there is a group of people, quite large, who simply have no appetite when they wake up. Eating without appetite is one of the most unpleasant things there is, that is why we want to give a solution to this problem.

Why am I not hungry for breakfast

Our body is an almost perfect mechanism; all its parts are interconnected and carry out certain functions that activate others. Ghrelin is a hormone whose functions include telling the body when to be hungry. When this hormone is secreted, the digestive system prepares to eat by secreting gastric juices and initiating the movement of the intestines.

That is, appetite is controlled by ghrelin peaks. When this hormone is secreted the body is hungry while if there is no trace of ghrelin we have no appetite. When someone is not hungry in the morning it is because they do not secrete ghrelin, but why not do it? Well, because if you never eat breakfast, your body understands that it is not necessary to prepare to eat. If you don”t have an established eating habit, with set schedules and patterns, your body doesn”t produce ghrelin regularly, so you”re not hungry in the morning.

In addition to this, there are other causes that can cause you to not have an appetite for breakfast:

  • Eating too much dinner: If you make very large dinners, with pre-cooked or high-fat foods, it is likely that in the morning you will wake up without hunger. Making a relaxing dinner to get a good rest is vital both for sleeping and for breakfast.
  • Uncontrolled schedule: If you go to sleep at a different time each day or wake up on a different schedule, your body will not know when to produce ghrelin.

How to be hungry in the morning

If your problem is that you are not hungry in the morning, the solution is to re-educate your body, teach it that at that time it should whet your appetite. The simplest and most effective way to teach your body that in the morning it should secrete ghrelin is by maintaining fixed habits, eating every day at the same time. Perhaps the first days you will have to eat breakfast without hunger, but little by little your body will get used to it and will understand that, when you wake up, your digestive system will have to be prepared.

Beyond that we can give you some tricks to be hungry in the morning:

  • A home remedy for being hungry is to take, along with a glass of water, a tablespoon of brewer”s yeast thirty minutes before each meal.
  • Another option is to take a tablespoon of pollen with water just after waking up, fasting.

Consequences of skipping breakfast

It is not only that with breakfast we charge our batteries to have energy throughout the day, in addition to fatigue, not eating breakfast can lead to other consequences such as:

  • Lack of attention
  • Low performance, both school and work
  • Mood disturbances and bad mood
  • Headaches
  • Increases the risk of some types of cancer

In addition, if you do not eat breakfast you will be depriving your body of one of the meals of the day, so you may end up developing a deficit of some essential nutrient. As an example of this, you should know that the absorption of calcium is much more effective if it is distributed throughout the day than if you do it in one or two meals. Including it in breakfast is essential to be able to absorb it correctly.

What to eat for breakfast if I”m not hungry

A good breakfast does not have to leave you exhausted and without courage or to move, you can make a complete and healthy breakfast without having to eat excessively. Here are some points that you should follow when designing a good diet for the morning:

  • Foods rich in starches have demulcent properties, which will protect the intestinal mucous, something that will do you very well.
  • Fruit is essential, rich in soluble fiber; you can never miss a breakfast. You have to be clear that juices do not have fiber, so if you want to drink juice, also eat some whole fruit.
  • Hydration is vital for your body to properly absorb all the nutrients. Teas and infusions can meet this goal.

These are the foods and products that should not be missing in your breakfast:

  • Of the best fruits you can eat in the morning are pears and apples.
  • Those that offer beta-carotene are also very good, such as orange, mangoes, peaches or papaya. In this article you will find foods rich in beta carotene.
  • Skimmed dairy such as yogurt, milk, or fresh cheese.
  • In the following article you can discover how to eat breakfast correctly.

Things you should not have for breakfast

  • Coffee:It is not a generalized thing, but there are people for whom coffee irritates their stomach. In these cases, bowel movements and diarrhea can even occur. To avoid this, you should always accompany the coffee with fruits, cereals or bread. If it still doesn”t suit you, you should replace it with tea or infusions.
  • Tobacco: You should never smoke tobacco, but even less does it in the morning. Besides being carcinogenic, it produces irritations in the digestive system.
  • Industrial pastries: products such as croissants and other buns are very high in fat. This causes that when they reach the intestine they cause a bilious discharge that deteriorates the walls of the intestine.

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