Which is the best protein to gain muscle

Surely more than once you have heard about the benefits that protein brings to our muscle mass, right? And it is that it is the essential nutrient that will help you define your muscles and thus achieve a more toned and fibrous silhouette. The truth is that with food we already take proteins but, if you want a stronger body, it is usually advisable to add a protein supplement that will help you improve your results. In this article we want to help you build the body you have always wanted and, therefore, here we discover which is the best protein for gaining muscle. Keep reading and you will discover how to include this supplement in your day-to-day life and achieve more visible results in less time.

Benefits of protein to gain muscle

Consuming protein supplements can help you build muscle mass. But it is important to highlight something: it is not a “magic remedy” but rather a complement to your healthy and sporting life. Therefore, it is essential that you follow a balanced, low-fat diet, as well as regular physical exercise that includes both cardio and toning.

We have to consider that the protein taken externally is a supplement, an addition to your healthy and active life. Only by taking this product you will not get results, what it does is help you define and tone in a more visible and faster way than doing it the normal way.

Best Proteins: Soy, Egg, and Whey

If you want to know which is the best protein to gain muscle, you have to bear in mind that there are three that are very popular: soy, egg and whey. Especially the latter is one of the most successful because milk has a great biological value.

However, each person is different and, when choosing the best protein, it is recommended that factors such as the ones indicated below be taken into account:

  • Type of protein:as we have already said, the most recommended are those that come from soybeans, whey and eggs. All of them provide you with a large amount of protein and nutrients. However, the milk is the most popular since 90% of people opt for this variety.
  • Nutritional contribution:another important aspect that you have to assess when buying your protein supplement is its nutritional contribution. In addition to protein, you have to see the values ​​of carbohydrates and other substances that may include. A note: if they have creatine it is a good option because it is the second most recommended supplement to increase muscles.
  • Flavor: keep in mind that most of these supplements are seasoned with specific flavors to facilitate their intake. It is important that you choose a flavor that you like so that, thus, you do not end up leaving your drink. Normally, athletes always start by taking the one with the chocolate flavor because it is more pleasant.

How to take protein to increase muscle mass fast

Now that you know which is the best protein to gain muscle, we are going to discover how you can introduce it to your diet. There are some basic aspects that you have to know so that this nutritional supplement is healthy and helps you increase your muscles. Here we discover them.

Recommended Daily Grams of Protein

In order to define and increase your muscle mass, it is recommended to consume between 0.5 to 2 grams of protein for every kilo of your weight. That is, if you weigh 60 kilos, you will need a maximum of 120 grams of pure protein in your diet every day! It is a difficult amount to obtain only with the diet and, therefore, many athletes include these supplements to build stronger muscles.

Protein shake, your best ally

One of the best ways you can get the best protein to gain muscle is by making shakes. These supplements usually come in the form of powders and therefore can be perfectly dissolved with water or skim milk. These shakes should not contain more than 30 grams of protein because our body cannot assimilate a greater amount in a single shot. If you want to have more than 1 shake a day, it is best to allow at least 3 hours between each one.

When to drink protein shakes

One of the best times of the day to take protein to gain muscle is in the 30 minutes after your workout. At this time is when your body is in hypertrophy and, therefore, it assimilates much better the proteins that you introduce into the body. But if you want to have 2 shakes a day, then the first one can be taken first thing in the morning, accompanying your breakfast.

In this article we show you 6 homemade protein shakes that you can prepare with natural ingredients.

Why are you unable to increase muscle mass?

There are many people who, following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, are unable to tone their body. Why? There are some factors that can lead to muscle mass not being increased and, therefore, you do not experience physical changes in your body. Here we discover some common mistakes that are made that prevent strengthening and increasing muscles.

  • You eat very little: although it is important to take care of your diet and reduce fat consumption, we have to give our body the calories it needs to train. If we want to muscle the body, we have to avoid diets that are too low in calories because, with them, you will not allow the body to increase. You don”t have to eat more than you need, but you don”t have to go for 1000 or 1200 calorie diets either.
  • You eat many times: it is clear that spreading the food intake throughout the day is a very healthy habit. However, we do not have to eat 8 times a day, it is recommended to eat 5 or 6 times in small portions and always taking into account the time of day in which we eat. Remember: at night no fruits or carbohydrates, bet on proteins or vegetables to avoid the accumulation of sugars.
  • Too many healthy fats: in a healthy and sporty diet it is advisable to take healthy fats as they help muscle formation and the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system. However, we should not exceed their consumption because, after all, they are very caloric and high-fat foods.
  • You do not eat enough protein: as we have already told you, in order to increase muscle mass, it is important to take protein. And, with food, we often fall short. For this reason, it is advisable to include more proteins in your diet and, in addition, you can opt for these protein supplements that will help you meet your needs.
  • You don”t train with cardio: Many people make the mistake of neglecting cardio when they want to gain muscle. But that is a mistake. The ideal workout is one that combines toning and cardio exercises. In fact, it is recommended to include about 15 or 20 minutes of thistle to burn fat without losing muscle.
  • Muscle hydration: and finally, you have to know that water is essential in your diet. It is essential that you drink 2 liters a day to ensure that your muscles are well hydrated and, therefore, can be toned. But you shouldn”t exceed this amount either because otherwise you could retain fluids.

Foods to increase muscle mass quickly

And finally, now that you know that the best protein for gaining muscle is the one that comes from soy, milk or egg, we will give you some guidelines for your diet. As we have indicated at the beginning of the article, protein is a supplement, an addition to your healthy life. To achieve strong and defined muscles it is important that you do sports and that you also follow a correct diet. It is essential to reduce saturated and trans-fat in your diet and, failing that, to choose nutritious and healthy foods.

Here we will discover which foods you should include in your diet and which ones are better to avoid. In this way, you can design the best menu for you and for the needs of your body.

Foods to gain muscle

  • Animal protein: above all, that from lean meats (chicken, turkey and rabbit) since they are the lowest in fat and with a high level of protein. Fish is also recommended, especially blue as it provides good fats and Omega 3.
  • Eggs: it is one of the most complete and recommended foods for people who want to gain more muscle. It has a high proportion of protein and little fat.
  • Yogurt: it is a prebiotic food that will help you reduce abdominal bloating and will provide you with a large dose of protein.
  • Legumes: it is a star food for athletes because it provides us with 50% protein and 50% carbohydrates.
  • Oatmeal: it is ideal for athletes because it provides energy, fiber and vegetable protein. It is very rich in carbohydrates, so it is recommended to consume it first thing in the day or before training.
  • Fruits and vegetables: they are essential for a diet since they will provide us with very healthy nutrients, hydration and few calories.

Foods to avoid

  • Alcohol: it is the first thing that will be removed whenever you want to take care of your body. Alcohol gives you empty calories and carbohydrates that will increase your body fat.
  • Sweets and sugary
  • Refined foods(white bread, white pasta, white rice, etc.)
  • Fatty sausages(you can eat serrano ham, turkey and 0% cheese but avoid chorizo, longaniza, )
  • Fruit juices and soft drinks: they are very rich in sugars and saturated fats
  • Fried and battered

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