Which hairstyle favors me the most?

Surely there are many occasions when you have thought that a change of look would be good for you and you would like to try new hairstyle. Many times we rummage through magazines about the trends and hairstyles worn by celebrities and although they fascinate us, we dare not try them because we do not know if it will suit our style and our face shape. That is why, here we give you some tips to discover which hairstyle works best for you.

Steps to follow:

1.In order to know which hairstyle is most favorable to you, you must first take into account the shape of your face since each person has facial features and a different natural beauty, which is what will determine in each case the style of hairstyle that it will look better.

2.If the shape of your face is square with the wide lower jaw, the ideal is to soften the features and achieve a sweeter look with a long, blunt bang. Also, if you want to achieve a casual look, shape your ends to divert attention and be beautiful with a very modern style.

3.If you have an oval-shaped face, you can dare to change your look whenever you want and try different hairstyles because oval faces suit all kinds of hairstyles and styles but what favors them the most is a mane with a lot of volume. So take advantage and choose the hairstyle that you like the most at all times.

4.For round-shaped faces, it”s best to try to sharpen features with a long, straight mane below the shoulders or down to the middle of the back. A pointy-end scaling is also a good option to combine and give it a modern and personal touch.

5.The faces triangular need to highlight the cheekbones with an uneven and very sharp bangs and hair combed haphazardly with volume. Ideally, the hair should be short or at most up to the shoulders, but always styled with extra volume.

6.The rectangular faces usually have a fairly long so it is preferable to avoid long hair and wear bet half loose hair with a lot of movement and a few strands of hair falling over her cheekbones to cover the length of the face.


  • Choose the right hairstyle according to the shape of your face

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