What vitamins are essential for the most athletes?

The people who do sport professionally or submitting your body long training sessions every day need an extra intake of vitamins and minerals that can get through the diet or by ingestion of a multivitamin supplement.

The vitamins and minerals are nutrients directly related to many of the biological processes that take place in the human body and are also needed to produce energy. Therefore, people who do a lot of sports can find these nutrients an essential source when it comes to correctly metabolizing carbohydrates and fats that they obtain through sports nutrition.

In addition, athletes require high doses of vitamins and minerals for many other reasons, such as: due to the loss of minerals and vitamins that they suffer through sweat; also because your body needs an antioxidant reinforcement, since with the combustion of oxygen they produce more free radicals; and also because through sports they have a greater physical wear and tear that they have to restore through an extra supply of vitamins and minerals.

Essential vitamins for athletes

Intake of group B vitamins is necessary for people who practice sports on a regular basis, as they help fight cell oxidation and, consequently, aging. In addition, they play a very prominent role in the production of energy, which is very necessary when practicing sports. The most indicated are:

  • The vitamin B1
  • The vitamin B2
  • The vitamin B3
  • The vitamin B6
  • The vitamin B12
  • The folic acid, needed to use sugars and amino acids.

All these vitamins help fight fatigue and states of fatigue, but also prevent anemia, one of the greatest enemies of athletes. Likewise, vitamin E is also essential for people who love sports, since it is a one hundred percent antioxidant vitamin, which fights free radicals that are generated when sweating. In addition, this type of vitamin helps to strengthen the defenses, and delays the states of fatigue.

Another necessary vitamin for athletes is vitamin C, an antioxidant vitamin that strengthens the defenses and fights joint pain after a long session of physical training.

Finally, athletes should also consume vitamin A, since it is an essential vitamin when it comes to keeping the mucous membranes and membranes of the body in an optimal state of conservation.

And the minerals? Athletes need them too

The minerals are also nutrients essential for all fans of the sport or high – level athletes. And more specifically, the most indicated are, for example, potassium, since it is one of the main responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses, as well as muscle contraction and the correct functioning of the heart.

The Magnesium is an essential mineral when synthesizing proteins that reach our body, and we burn through exercise. It is also necessary to prevent muscle cramps.

The iron is a highly effective when mineral prevent fatigue and tiredness, and considerably improve physical performance. Also zinc is a mineral needed in the diet of athletes, because it acts in the processes of cell division and also plays an essential role in metabolism.

Finally, selenium is another of the necessary minerals in the diet of every athlete, since it is responsible for reinforcing the enzymes that fight free radicals, and also acts in a beneficial way on the muscles, favoring their recovery after physical effort.

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