What towns to visit in Madrid

The capital of Spain welcomes countless visitors each year due to the wide range of tourist attractions and activities that it offers. But, beyond its world-renowned monuments and museums, Madrid has preserved the charm and personality of bygone eras in many of the nearby towns. Some of them have been declared a World Heritage Site and they offer spectacular landscapes worthy of admiration. In this article we show you a selection of some of the towns in Madrid that are worth visiting.


The urban historical center, royal palaces and gardens on the banks of the Tagus have made Aranjuez one of the most attractive municipalities in the Community of Madrid for tourism, being worthy of the recognition of Cultural Landscape Heritage of Humanity. Find beautiful Hotels in Aranjuez.

  • The most precious jewel of this town is its Royal Palace,which draws attention due to the contrast of the red and white colors that predominate on the façade and the statues of the monarchs who participated in its construction. To complete the royal visit to the place, discover the beautiful gardens that surround the palace, the La Casa del Labrador palace and the Museum of the Faluas, where the boats with which the kings sailed on the Tagus River are exhibited.
  • Aranjuez was also the first Spanish town to be communicated by rail. Today, you can recreate this route on its famous Strawberry Train, a cultural excursion that takes passengers back in time while they taste the famous strawberries from Aranjuez.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

In the Sierra de Guadarrama, 50 km from Madrid, is the emblematic municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial surrounded by abundant nature that contrasts with the urban layout made up of stately homes, small avenues and squares. This municipality is built around the Monastery of El Escorial, the most important and representative work, which draws attention for the greatness of its construction and the harmony created by its patios, fountains, cloisters and towers. During your visit, you cannot miss The Palace of the Bourbons, The Palace of the Habsburgs, The Pantheons, The Museums, The Library and Las Casitas.

Alcala de Henares

Alcalá de Henares is the birthplace of the illustrious Miguel de Cervantes and one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. Strolling through its wide avenues, streets and visiting its monuments is to get closer in every way to Castilian life, culture and knowledge of the Spanish Golden Age. You cannot miss the house of the author of Don Quixote, which today has been converted into a museum, as well as the Plaza and the Cervantes Theater. Then, visit the Magisterial Cathedral of Santos Niños Justo y Pastor, the University and the Cisneriano Museum, which transmits the past history of the city through its architecture. Here you have a list of good Hotels in Alcalá de Henares.


Chinchón is a must for those who love to enjoy gastronomy on their travels: meats, stews, oil, garlic, wines and anise are some of the typical products that you can taste. The main square of Chinchón has been considered one of the most beautiful medieval squares in the world, for its houses with arcades and galleries, in the shape of a bullring and presided over by the chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption. If we walk through its streets we can also see the convent of the Clarisas and the hermitages of San Antón and San Roque.

Patones from Above

Patones de Arriba is a pictorial town in the northeast of Madrid that is very attractive to lovers of country landscapes and rural tourism. At the top of a small mountain, it offers a representation of the typical black architecture of the Madrid community since all the houses that you find in your path are built with slate as the main material. It stands out for its tranquility, history and its great architectural beauty for which it has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.


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