What to visit in Tulum

Located on the seashore, Tulum is another of the archaeological complexes that you should visit if you go to the Riviera Maya or Cancun, its location on a plain with a great view of the horizon has led researchers to suppose that at the time it was a complex for astronomical studies, although it is known that, like Chichén-Itzá, it was built in honor of the god Kukulcan and represented an important point for maritime trade of the time, undoubtedly one of the vestiges of the Mayan culture that you cannot miss, that”s why we give you a guide about what to visit in

The Castle

The Castle is the most imposing structure of the walled city of Tulum; it dominates the settled complex with a great view towards the sea and beautiful representations on its walls

The temple of the descending god

Another of the wonderful buildings of this place is the temple of the descending god, it consists of a single piece and its main attraction is the remains of Mayan painting that can still be seen on its walls, making it one of the buildings that more public agglomerates with the end to take some good pictures

The observatories

On each side of Tulum you will find small observatories, these points are magnificent to take pictures and enjoy the landscape, due to its many green areas Tulum is also a great place for those who seek to meditate and charge with the energies of the place

Some recommendations

It is essential to bring a bathing suit so that later you can cool off in the sea of ​​Tulum and observe the entire complex from there, the feeling is simply impressive and very rewarding, and also this settlement is ideal for taking good photographs due to its special location. Also visit the town of Tulum and if possible any of the nearby beaches, it is a good time to enjoy the atmosphere and local cuisine, you will not regret.

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