What to see in Venice?

Venice, the city of canals, is a unique and exclusive place that, without a doubt, we must see and visit at some point in our lives. Its beautiful canals and bridges, its narrow streets, its glamor and the mysterious character that it gives off by itself is something that will surprise you and leave you enchanted. If you are going to travel to this mythical Italian city, there are places that you must pass through. We tell you what to see in Venice.

St. Mark”s Square

The famous St. Mark”s Square is the nucleus, the heart of Venice and is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Located next to the Grand Canal, St. Mark”s Square is home to the most important monuments to see: St. Mark”s Basilicathe Doge”s Palacethe Campanilethe Correr Museum and the Torre dell”Orologio. The place has a great atmosphere and is always packed with a large crowd of tourists who take the opportunity to take photos, admire the buildings or walk. You should know that when it rains in Venice or there is high tide, St. Mark”s Square is the first point in the city to flood and you can easily see it filled with water. Find beautiful Hotels near St. Mark”s Square .

St. Mark”s Basilica

When making a trip to Venice, it is absolutely mandatory to queue to see St. Mark”s Basilica. It is the main church in Venice and a large construction that represents the style of Byzantine art, which is reflected in its domed form. It is really worth visiting the interior of the basilica to admire the more than 4,000 square meters of mosaics as well as its golden color and all its columns.

Doge”s Palace

The Doge”s Palace is another of the constructions that you must see and visit in Venice. The Doge”s Palace had very important functions in the political and economic sphere of Venice, and it was used as the seat of government, as a courthouse and as the residence of the Duke. It stands out for the great beauty of its architecture and for the special attraction of its interior corners such as the Scala d”Oro, the great Hall of the Greater Council, the Stairway of the Giants or the prison. Pay attention to the decoration of the interiors such as that of the rooms of the Duke”s Apartment, which contain paintings by masters such as Titian and Tintoretto.

When you visit the Doge”s Palace you also have the possibility to cross the famous Bridge of Sighs that leads to the palace gourds. This was the path that prisoners sentenced to death passed, seeing for the last time the life outside the prison.

Campanile Tower

The Campanile, also located in St. Mark”s Square, is the tallest building in Venice, almost 99 m high. If you want to enjoy the best panoramic views of the city and have privileged views and even some nearby islands such as Murano, then do not hesitate to climb the tower.

Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal

The most famous and oldest bridge in Venice is the Rialto Bridge. In addition to being another of the great buildings in Venice that must be seen, it is the best place to enjoy spectacular views of the Grand Canal. Once there, you can go to see the Rialto Market, a very old market where there is a great variety of fruits and vegetables that add a lot of color to the place.

Burano and Murano

If you have more time on your trip to Venice, we recommend that you visit the islands of Burano and Murano, two picturesque places worth seeing. The visit to Murano is to discover how the famous artisan glass of the island is made and to visit all the little shops that sell authentic glass masterpieces. For its part, Burano offers a fairytale landscape with its colorful fisherman”s houses and the boats moored at the doors of the houses.

Venice, a city to get lost

Venice is a city where getting lost in its narrow streets is the best plan. All the corners that you find on your way have a particular charm. Strolling through the most hidden paths, crossing the small canals and entering shops full of masks is a good alternative to immerse yourself in the purest Venetian character and atmosphere.

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