What to eat before and after training?

One of the foods that are most often eaten before or after workouts is fruit. We all have in mind, from a very young age, the benefits that fruits offer us to our diet, from their nutrients to the magnificent energy they provide us, with reduced calories. It is true that fruits are one of the healthiest food groups and that makes them perfect to take on training day, but many people doubt whether to do it before or after physical exercise.

The training, whether high – intensity, simple bodybuilding or just to reduce those extra kilos left over us, is one of the cornerstones for a healthy and balanced life. We do not have to see doing sports only as something that will help us to be at our perfect weight, although obviously, at the beginning it will have that function. The benefits of physical exercise for our body, even when we are thinner, are also interesting, from the mobility we achieve to the very fact of feeling better after doing physical activity.

This activity, whatever it may be, also requires special preparation on our part, especially related to food, the second pillar of this inseparable binomial that will allow us to lead a much healthier life . A balanced diet will even enhance the benefits of the physical exercise that we carry out, getting us to make better use of all that time we are training. This is much clearer when they recommend certain types of food such as fruits on the days that we are going to train, both before and after the training itself, so that this nutritional contribution also goes accordingly with the exercise.

Recommended foods before and after each workout:

And for this we will take into account that, of course, not all workouts are the same in terms of duration and intensity, and that we will always have to adapt a little to it, but roughly, we can draw certain conclusions. For example, to train for more than an hour, especially strength, we will need a good contribution before exercise, especially carbohydrates, which will give us the necessary energy to carry it out without being half. A plate of brown rice with chicken or turkey can be the perfect alternative in these cases, always taken a couple of hours before training, since if we are going to exercise right after eating, training can be affected by our digestion.

The food before training is important because it gives us that energy that we will need to be able to put our body to the limit of its capabilities. However, the post-workout meal is equally important or even more so, for a better optimization of that effort made and to recover from it. For this reason, together with salmon , red meat or whole grains , it is in this meal when it is best to introduce a piece of fruit, such as a pineapple, a banana or an orange, also in search of recovering a little that glucose natural we also need.

If we like fruit a lot and we also want to introduce it before training, something that is not forbidden by any means, yes we will take into account the glycemic index of the fruit that we are going to take and above all, its quantity. We can eat a small grapefruit, a few cherries or a not too big apple for dessert before training, although as we recommend above, it is better to choose to take the fruits with a high glycemic index afterwards to recover from the effort made.

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