What to do when a man you like ignores you

The illusion of finding the ideal partner for us is always something that causes a lot of expectation. Idealizing that man as we would like him to be is a very warm feeling, but when you finally meet that man who makes you think he”s the one, it turns out that he totally ignores you. If things haven”t turned out the way you imagined and you still don”t know what to do when a man you like ignores you, don”t worry, because in the following article we will teach you several points to manage this situation in the best way.

Control your feelings

It is very normal, under this situation, to become depressed. It is not strange that the questions go through the mind: why don”t you like me? Do I have something wrong? Could it be that I am a small thing? among many others.

The advice we give you in this situation is to control your feelings. In most cases, when a man ignores a woman, it is not for something personal with her, nor is it for being a small thing, but it is simply that she is not his type, or he does not see her as a possible partner.

You should never get depressed or think negatively about yourself. Remember that a positive attitude makes you much more attractive to anyone.

Analyze the situation

When it comes to love, we all tend to be a little impulsive, even people characterized by being introverts tend to throw themselves out without more, obtaining in most cases negative results for acting in this way.

The best thing to do in this situation is to stop and think. Analyze what will be the reason why this man is ignoring you and if when you find the answer you discover that it is something that depends on you, what you should do is stop acting as before and try a different approach, in this way he can see you otherwise.

Avoid overexposure

To know what to do when a man you like ignores you, you have to avoid overexposure. It is common for girls who are ignored by a man to think that perhaps they need to appear more in his way to be noticed. “Accidentally” bumping into the places you frequent or even starting to dress sexier to attract their attention does not bring the results you might expect either.

By doing this, what you will only achieve is to make her notice that you are desperate or, worse, that you are an easy girl, which will make her only notice you to take advantage.

Respect their space

Stop chasing him incessantly for his approval, think that maybe you are being a bit heavy and you can overwhelm him. It depends on the previous deal you have with this man, sometimes it is good to be a little surprised.

Discover their interests

We all like the idea of ​​being able to share our hobbies with our partner, so finding a person with our same tastes automatically makes them attractive.

Find out what he likes and try to have a conversation with him about that topic, this way he will start to see you with different eyes, but be careful! If you go overboard, you could inevitably enter the dreaded “friend zone”.

Ignore it you

We all like, to a greater or lesser extent, to feel attractive. So if you”re paying close attention to a man who ignores you, maybe you should try doing the same yourself.

If your life revolves around that of a man who ignores you and, suddenly, you cut off this attention, the most likely thing is that you will make him wonder what happened and he will be the one who looks for you to recover that presumably lost interest.

Be frontal

To know what to do when a man you like ignores you, we recommend that you go face to face and tell him, directly, how you feel about him. Many times, with men, subtleties don”t work, so raising your feelings is the fastest way out of uncertainty. With this method, if he ignores you because he does not like you, because you intimidate him or he is simply shy and does not know how to approach you, you will get out of all doubt in no time.

The risk of getting hurt with this advice is greater, especially if you have had time to idealize this man and they are not reciprocated. On the other hand, and as we have commented in a previous point, there are many more men in the world and you also deserve to receive attention.

Sometimes goodbye is the best way

If after trying all possible approaches and methods to get that man”s attention, he continues to ignore you, then it is time to step aside and give up your intention to win him over. Do not fall into begging or stopping for someone who does not deserve you, love is out there and it is only a matter of time to find it or to find you.


  • Consider if this man who is ignoring you is really worth it, making a change to get his attention requires an effort on your part and maybe not worth it. Remember, “there are more fish in the sea”
  • If you have tried everything to get the attention of a man without having good results, do not get depressed or feel lonely, remember that you always have those sentimental counselors by your side, your friends are the best remedy for romantic misunderstandings.


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