What to do if my phone does not touch

We are so used to touch screens that our fingers automatically go to any screen, whatever the type, and they feel somewhat confused if it does not respond. Normally this happens because the screen is normal and not touch, but when it happens to us on our own smartphone, the one that until now had worked without problems, things change. Panic arrives. How to solve it? Here we tell you what to do if your mobile phone does not touch

Restart the phone for good

If this trick is repeated so many times it is for something: many times the solution is there. So before you panic, restart your smartphone to see if the touch screen starts to turn on again.

Restart the phone by bad

No matter how much you press the reset button, nothing happens? The problem then is not the screen, but the system has been locked. Do one of those reboots because the bad ones here are the only option: remove the battery to the smartphone and put it back on to turn it on again.

Is the screen broken?

There are times when touch screens lose their ability to respond to our fingers when they fall to the ground and break. If the screen is broken (and before breaking everything was fine), if only part of the screen responds and the other is not, the reason is possibly in that accident. Take the phone to a technical service to have it repaired and change the screen.

Clean the smartphone

If the problem is the system and not the screen, it may be due to a smartphone with dust or moisture inside. Open it and clean everything carefully, and make sure it is very dry (you can put it in rice so it runs out of moisture). If everything is the same when you set it on and on again, you will have to go to the technical service.


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