What to ask in a job interview

Imagine that you have been in a job interview for 15 minutes and that to conclude the interviewer asks you: Do you have any questions? Here you can take two paths or keep quiet and shake your head or start asking questions. If you opt for the second option in order to give a better picture to the employer, a How to warn you about what you might ask in the job interview.

Steps to follow:

1.If you are looking for a more specific knowledge of the company because some of the explanations have not been clear to you, you could inquire about the culture of the company, if there is any expansion project or in which countries already have a presence and what is the work done there.

2.Keep in mind that the company is not the only one you select, you as an employee also have to keep in mind if you are interested in being part of that company. The first thing you have to ask is about the interview and if they will call you even if you have not passed the selection process.

3.Ask for clarification of the points that have not been clear to you during the presentation of your interlocutor, such as the tasks you should perform in the company, the work schedule or the departments with which you should work.

4.In job interviews, it is usually a taboo subject to ask about the salary to be received. However, with the times and most companies looking for employees or employees who do not plan to pay, it would be important that before leaving you clarify as as possible the monetary issue. You could ask, for example, for the work schedule per month and for an approximation to the remuneration that you would receive from being chosen for the position.

5.Finally, never ask the interviewer to give you an assessment of the interview. It is frowned upon.

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