What men like about women

It is clear that each person has their own personality and, therefore, tastes can be very variable. However, there are some aspects of women that most men tend to like more. These aspects, which can be details and physical and mental qualities of a girl, have surely gone unnoticed by you. But they, or at least a majority of this group, find them irresistible.

The imperfections that you hate

Do you have too much cellulite or stretch marks? A horrible scar on your knee? If you were concerned about hiding your body imperfections, you should know that they adore them.

Men like girls to take care of themselves and want to be beautiful, but they also love a natural woman, who shows her imperfections without unnecessary worry and shows that she loves herself. For them, this natural attitude makes you look much more beautiful and perfect than when you try to hide all these things.

That you be spontaneous

Surely you like that a boy tries to surprise you and has a point of madness in his personality. Well, they also like a spontaneous girl and something unpredictable.

It is not about doing crazy things every day or giving surprises daily, but that you do not fall into the routine and end up becoming someone totally predictable, since finally, it is very easy for them to end up getting tired and bored of someone like that.

They like difficult girls

For them, an easy girl is one who does not assert herself, who lets others make decisions for her and who, furthermore, does not have her own personality. This type of woman ends up tiring them and, surely, they will stop meeting her on the second or third date.

If you want to attract a man, you must make it difficult for him and show that you are not one more. They adore girls who do not seem to be like the rest and who are not afraid to say no or propose different things. Be different from other girls and drive him totally crazy.

That you are daring and seductive

Another quality that we find among the things that men love about women is that she is a seductive woman and knows how to play something we call “tug of war”. That is, sometimes you pay absolutely no attention to them and, other times, you pay close attention to them. In this way, they generally feel more attracted and interested in a woman.

However, if you want to try to seduce him in this way, you must find a balance in this attraction game, because if he notices that most of the time you ignore him or make it too difficult for him, he will surely get tired of going after you.

A good conversation makes them fall in love

Another way to conquer a person of the masculine gender is through a conversation. For him, a good date will be one in which he can be talking with a girl for hours and hours about different topics of conversation. That is, they love talking to a woman who is intelligent and knows how to debate and what to answer at every moment. In addition, they also like that you have things in common to be able to talk about such as movies, music, books and video games, among other hobbies.

However, if he notices that you have no common points to talk about, or that you don”t know how to carry a fluent conversation even for 2 minutes, it will surely be the last time you see him.

They like sincere girls

If there is one thing that a man appreciates in a woman, it is sincerity. Most of them love a girl who doesn”t mince words and speaks her mind at all times, as long as you are respectful and kind. However, if they believe that they are lying to them or even catch a lie, then it will be difficult for them to trust you again.

They love that you make them laugh

Lastly, if you want a guy to fall head over heels in love with you, there is nothing that attracts them more than a funny woman. A girl who knows how to make a man laugh is halfway there if she wants to conquer him since she will have a great time every time she goes out with you and, therefore, she will want to have more and more dates.

Being funny, and even a bit of a clown at times, is a personality trait that men find captivating and irresistible.


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