What Is the Unemployment Benefit

The unemployment benefit is the facility given to the employee to receive a benefit while unemployed or has no fixed job which receive a bonus to have the conditions to achieve pay their debts and expenses daily.
It is a subsidy dependent on the unemployment benefit, which is made according to the conditions in which the employee has lost his job and the duration is usually more or less than 6 months while he manages to fix a new job or better remuneration for your working life.
It is an acquired right of the worker for the duration of his responsibility in any activity to which he has the possibility of integrating after being fired , or during the process in which he is looking for a job.

What do you need?

  • High level of care.
  • Contributions or not according to employment benefit.
  • Be enrolled in unemployment.
  • Have worked for a period of 6 months.
  • To be able to request unemployment assistance.
  • Quote social security.
  • Lack of resources.
  • Job search.
  • Not having turned down a well-paying job.
  • Family Protection.


In the provision of unemployment service, a benefit is presented that has the particularity of giving those who are unemployed an economic stability with which they can defend themselves during the time they are looking for a job.
It is a form of help provided by the State to be able to give people the possibility of being able to pay their debts or commitments acquired in any home and family to integrate them into the labor market without problems in order to meet their needs.

Unemployment benefit

It is a form that includes social security and unemployment to establish aid criteria, calling them unemployment benefit and with which any unemployed person, unemployed, looking for a job , among others, can opt for this help without problems.

  1. The unemployment aid or benefit is the protection that is usually given to the families of those who are registered in unemployment, while they find a stable job that presents them with job and economic stability to solve the situation at home.
  2. The absence of salary and unemployment are requirements that become part together with the registration in unemployment, to be able to request the different forms of service provision regime that social security offers to those who are active to work.
  3. The main thing in all this, is to keep in mind that you have not rejected any job that is well paid prior to applying for the help, since this can bring the possibility of having a rudeness in your work resume.
  4. It is necessary that the family income is less than the minimum salary that families must have in order to have access to unemployment benefit aid in order to have it, after a study by those in charge of approving it.
  5. It is a way of shoveling the needs that arise in families when the head of the household is unemployed, having to absorb the different forms of family protection that are offered to them with the unemployment benefit.
  6. It is important to bear in mind that applications must be made after reviewing the different requirements and thus be able to give a viable response in which everyone is satisfied, especially those who have benefited from the different aids.
  7. It is important to have made use of the unemployment benefits that are available and to exhaust all the resources that can be acquired through them, to later make a review and be able to assist you with special help to solve the responsibilities.
  8. People who are between 45 and 55 years old are the most likely to make use of this help, to be able to offer them the possibility of resettling them to the labor field and thus be able to have the necessary resources to have a solvent life.
  9. Those people who want to enter the country and be able to work freely, but having the documentation up to date to be inserted into unemployment and social security that allows them to find a job that is according to their knowledge.
  10. On the other hand, it is important to name the people deprived of liberty, who deserve a second chance after having served their sentence and thus be able to give them an economic solvency to support their family.
  11. The households where there are minors, assuming that they are in a study situation, are the first to choose in the unemployment benefit scheme, so that they can continue their studies without financial problems.
  12. On the other hand, those who acquire by right the help with which they must solve their economic needs are those who have had to stop working due to a disability that has generated the ability to work.
  13. The person who receives aid from the unemployment benefit scheme must at least have not contributed for at least three or six months to receive the aid, and thus be able to meet his needs and that of his family.
  14. It is a way to avoid that the person can be left in a desperate situation, after having had a job stability while it lasts as long as they get another job that provides what they need to support themselves.
  15. The aid is usually a percentage that is equivalent to 80% of the minimum salary that is in force at the time the person becomes unemployed or has the disadvantage of having used all the subsidy resources of the unemployment benefit scheme.
  16. Unemployment benefit subsidies have a duration of between 3, 6 or 18 months, extendable if the person proves that they have not found a job or, failing that, depending on age, family burden, refusal or accepted previous jobs.
  17. If you have not covered the contributions required by law, it is possible that the duration of the aid will depend on the time in which you have contributed, for this reason it is important that the longer you last contributing, the longer will be the time in which they will give you the subsidy of unemployment.
  18. You must request the unemployment benefit within 15 business days after your working time period has been completed or you left the job you were in, so it is important that you start the procedures as soon as possible so that you do not lose it.
  19. You must request your help in any of the offices arranged for it and that are affiliated with any type of employment, said agencies must have a data with all the workers and must be located near your home for greater comfort.


  • You should have everything up to date and know about the law a little at least to be able to help you with the subsidies.
  • Never turn down a job that has the potential to give you a chance to contribute.
  • Work does not denigrate the person, rather it is a way of trying to achieve something better for their future.
  • Take advantage of any job offer that comes your way, the main thing is to have the quotes.

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