What is the tie that best fits your face?

Like any other garment, a suitable tie can help highlight certain features of your face or hide parts of your body that you prefer not to expose. No matter if your look is destined for your work or any special event, this versatile and indispensable accessory will help you look like a completely new man. Discover the design that best suits your characteristics!

What type of tie is right for you?

Thanks to the wide possibilities offered by the market, there is a perfect tie for you. It does not matter if you are looking for a fresh or more formal look, the possibilities are molded to you in size, color and shape to achieve your desired goal. Among the models to be highlighted we consider:

  • The classic striped tie. It has been crossed out by many as the most gentrified model, among other reasons for being considered the stamp par excellence in the field of business. However, you should not take lightly this design that, in addition to stylizing the body with its diagonals, makes your face appear slimmer.
  • If what you are looking for is a more casual and current outfit, you can arm yourself with models with checkered prints. In fact, the bigger they are, the better. It is true that this geometric shape is somewhat traditional, but an original combination with colors can be bold and stylish. The pictures have a peculiarity, highlighting the thorax. Therefore, it is an ideal model for people with dark hair and fair skin, for example.
  • The one-color tie. In addition to transmitting a feeling of tranquility, a little shine will make your outfit look as elegant as possible. This does not mean that it cannot be stamped, the other way around. With it you will create a great contrast with respect to the face if you acquire a design with dark tones.
  • Pattern with polka dots. Maybe the unicolor tie seems too discreet or sober, which is why you can opt for this classic pattern that the Babylonians already used on their garments. It is a perfect choice if you have a striped suit.

Since we are talking about stripes, it is very important that you take your body into account. That is, if you are not very tall, you can get to look like it thanks to the vertical lines. This action can be applied to both the suit and the tie. Another perfect model to give that feeling of greater height is a narrow tie.

Obviously, one aspect to consider is color. Avoid those ties with garish motifs, as they will be really difficult to combine. Highlight your features and get a sensational look by following our tips!

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