What is the name of the hip bone?

The hip joint, also known as the coxofemoral joint, is responsible for joining our trunk with the lower part of the body, helping to support our weight both when we are standing and in movement. As it is a joint, the hip is made up of two bones and wrapped in the sinusoidal capsule, with a fibrous texture, which allows the two bones to work together, moving without problems.

If you wonder what the hip bone is called, keep reading, because in this article we explain it in detail.

The hip bones are 2

Because it is a joint, the hip does not have a single bone but rather two, which work together to allow our correct mobility and balance, allowing us to properly stabilize the weight of our body.

The bones of the hip are:

  • The innominate bone: it is composed of 3 bones: the ilium, the pubis and the ischium, it is also known as the pelvic bone. It has a particular area of ​​great importance, the acetabulum or cup, an area covered by cartilage in which the head of the femur or femoral head fits to allow both bones to articulate properly, guaranteeing movement.
  • The femur: this is the strongest and longest bone in our body, and for good reason because it is part not only of the hip joint but also of the knee. The femoral head is specifically the area of ​​this bone that is part of the hip, fitting into the acetabulum to facilitate movement.

Tips to take care of our hips

Over the years and also due to certain conditions, such as obesity, injuries or the practice of impact sports, our hips can suffer and begin to develop joint problems. This area of ​​important movements such as flexion, abduction, adduction or rotation, therefore to keep it in good condition it is recommended:

  • Eat a good dietthat includes all the vitamins and minerals we need. In the case of bones, a good intake of calcium is essential, a basic mineral to keep them strong, along with vitamin D that helps calcium to be properly assimilated.
  • Maintaining an adequate weightaccording to your height and age, this is very important because in this way you will not overload this important joint.
  • Get physical activityto keep your muscles strong and your joints healthy. It is preferable to limit impact activities and opt for others more suitable such as swimming, cycling, walking, using the elliptical, among others. The recommendation is to move for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • In the case of women, do not abuse heels, as they can affect the proper posture of the back and therefore affect joints such as the hips and knees.
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to the progressive deterioration of our muscle and bone health.

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