What is the best time to go to the gym?

When you start a training plan or resume physical activity, there are many who wonder what is the best time to go to the gym? , that moment of the day we will get more out of the exercise and benefit our health more. Here we give you the keys to discover the ideal moment according to the activity you want to do

Steps to follow:

1. It is clear that more than an ideal hour the main problem lies in the availability of each to go to the gym, some people prefer the first hours of the day while others choose to attend at the end to drain the stress of work or routine

2. If you feel comfortable with the time of day you go to, or if you attend specific classes that have a schedule, there is no problem that you continue with that rhythm as long as you do not know immediately after eating

3. The specialists indicate that the ideal is to exercise and eat an hour after finishing the training, in this way the metabolism that continues quite active can burn the calories of food faster. Of course, nothing heavy dishes keep the spirit healthy

4. Near the end of the day, around 6 pm the body is in a better state to do a weight job, so if you love this area and have availability it is a good time to do it

5. As for aerobic exercises both morning and the end of the day are convenient moments, just remember that a couple of hours before you should have eaten so that your body can take advantage of those calories and give you the energy needed for training

6. To choose the best time to go to the gym you should evaluate your availability and the hours you eat and create a plan that suits you offering the possibility to optimize your training and stay healthy. Choose the most appropriate gym equipment at your level, do not force yourself

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