What is or what does it mean to be a woman or a queer couple? Meet queer fundamentalism

If there is currently a word that is revolutionizing things, it is the word queer. Although this term so heard today, it is much more than it seems. Today there are many queer women and of course queer couples.

 What”s more, even the word has had such an impact that there are groups of people who are against this term. In the same way, there are also many people who adhere to this group. Although, although its definition is not clear, here we are going to explain what this term that has achieved so much popularity these days is about and we will tell you what is queer culture? What is queer fundamentalism?

To begin with, the word queer, at first it was used as an insult to refer to homosexual people with some feminine behaviors.

But over time, this word has gone through various definitions to the point where it has encompassed a set of terms that makes it impossible for us to find a synonym for it. However, some people attribute the term umbrella to it because of the amount of meaning it encompasses.

What is queer fundamentalism? It is a very broad concept and with many definitions. It”s about encompassing many perspectives and learning from all of them. Not to get stuck in a regulation and follow just because, or out of habit. It”s about doing the things we like regardless of whether or not we fit that mold.

In this way, queer fundamentalism does not dictate anything to us that we do not consider. That”s right, because not even this word in constant modification; it addresses many people, who go towards the same purpose of diversity.

All those people who consider themselves queer activists, it means that they are willing to accept many things that another group does not. Of course within human principles. In this sense, the classic models of gender or sexual identity are not part of queer fundamentalism. Well, these are not considered relevant.

What is queer culture?

It refers to the social group identified as queer. Well, these are people who have rebelled against the social paradigm of boys and girls who are beautiful and look good. That they fit into society that they are part of the system. Queer culture is the complete opposite of this.

Although, people maintain a lifestyle based on critical thinking. And on this they base their principles. Therefore, when speaking of this type of culture, we could not define a pattern in itself.

Because there is no pattern here. We don”t even get to ask what is a queer couple or queer sexuality.  Well, these types of relationships are usually the healthiest and most enriching that we can know. Since they are not subject to traditional statutes and are always in search of improvement. This does not mean that queer people are unlucky in love. Well, these people have a wider range with respect to their social relationships. Well, many stereotypes that other people would take into account for the queer community are discarded. And people are accepted in a freer way.

What does it mean to be a queer woman? It is about a person who is active in the queer movement. Therefore it has a greater acceptance of the world under a totally critical and global perspective. Allowing to establish concepts based on own ideas. This discards those ideas and customs maintained over time that do not lead to something productive. In this way, they allow themselves to improve every day.

What do the letters LGBTIQ + mean?

These initials are a representative of the group of people who face their identity beyond gender. Forming as a fairly united community to overcome crises and achieve goals together. These goals can be: equal marriage, gender change, social inclusion and other collective issues.

But what do the letters LGBTIQ + mean? Well, each letter represents a part of this community. Following the order of the letters, these mean: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals, Intersexual, Queers and a plus of the rest of the groups that with the type are adhering to this group.

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