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Knowing our body type is key to determining which garments favor our shapes the most, which accessories are essential to enhance certain areas, and which ones we must do without if the goal is to conceal any problem area.

Once we are clear to which group our figure belongs, it is much easier to choose the appropriate clothes that best fit us. However, many women do not know the usual classifications or know where to start, if this is your case, this article will answer your questions. Find out what your body type is and how to make it look great.

Pear or triangle body

The triangle body, also known as the pear body, has the following characteristics:

  • Shoulders narrower than hips.
  • Small breasts.
  • Waist marked.
  • Wide and round hips.

In this type of body, most of the fat is located in the area of ​​the hips, buttocks and thighs, while the upper part is narrower and does not have as much accumulated fat, hence the similarity that these figures have with a pear. Some celebrities with this body type are Jennifer López or Beyoncé.

Regarding the choice of clothing, it is recommended to use colors that decrease the size and disguise the proportions at the bottom, such as black or navy blue, and opt for tones that expand such as white or bright colors at the top. The straight-cut pants are ideal for concealing the hips, in the same way it is recommended to avoid skirts and dresses with pleats and opt for straight and waist models, which help to focus attention on your smallest area disguising the widest one. Avoid skirts and pants with large prints, especially with horizontal stripes that will further widen your figure.

Inverted triangle body

In the inverted triangle body, the proportions are presented contrary to the previous figure, with the following characteristics:

  • Wide shoulders and back.
  • Also wide but not always abundant bust.
  • Waist with little definition.
  • Hips and buttocks narrow.

It is a very common body in swimmers, gymnasts and certain athletes, famous as Sarah Jessica Parker or the princess of Monaco Cherlène, have this type of figure.

When choosing clothes it is important not to highlight the shoulders and the widest part of the body that is why you should avoid t-shirts and tank tops, straight sleeveless cuts also known as strapless, shoulder pads and any detail in this area such as ties, pins, etc. Similarly, waist-cut pants are not recommended as they will accentuate the lack of buttocks. Skirts and dresses with pleats are ideal for this type of body, as they balance the figure very well, pants cut to the hip and shirts or T-shirts with a V-neckline are also recommended.

Avoid large prints and horizontal stripes at the top, as they will increase the size of your back. Opt for pants with a somewhat wide cut at the hips, such as the bloomers, which can promote a better balance of your figure.

Hourglass body

It is one of the most rectilinear figures that we can find, the hourglass body has the following characteristics:

  • Hips and shoulders with a similar and proportional width.
  • Defined waist.
  • Rectilinear body.

In this type of figure stands out the proportion and the curves, which are present regardless of the weight. Some famous with this figure are Sofía Vergara, Kim Guardianship or Eva Gloria.

If you have an hourglass body it is recommended that you avoid pants and skirts at the hip, which will make this area more prominent and lose proportion. Skirts and dresses with ruffles or pleats and over size garments are not suitable for your figure either, as they will make her look much more voluminous than she really is. Flattering pants, pencil skirts, and tight-fitting, A-line dresses favor you.

Oval or apple body

It is one of the easiest figures to distinguish, the apple or oval body is characterized by having:

  • Rounded shoulders.
  • Big breasts.
  • Wide and undefined waist.
  • Wide hips.

In this type of figure, the legs may or may not be thin, but they are characterized by the fact that the fat is concentrated mainly in the area of ​​the abdomen, forming a belly. If you have this body type, you should stay at your ideal weight, since the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases the risk of heart problems and diseases such as diabetes. Some of the famous with this figure are Queen Latifah or Adele.

The key when choosing clothes for this body type is to choose garments that conceal the belly , so it is recommended to avoid tight and tight clothing and belts or garments that mark the waist, and opt for garments of your size that have some slack in the abdominal area. Large prints should come out of your closet as they increase the volume, instead opt for monochromatic tones or small prints and for shirts, blouses and dresses with a V-cut that are loose in the abdominal area.

Straight skirts and pants favor these types of figures by helping to balance them, in the same way necklaces can also make the eyes focus on the upper body instead of the belly.

Rectangular body

The rectangular bodies are the opposite of the hourglass, characterized by its lack of curves. These figures stand out for having:

  • Shoulders and hips of similar width.
  • Waist straight or very poorly defined.

Some celebrities who wear this body are Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Díaz or Nicole Kidman. These figures should avoid straight-cut garments, which accentuate the lack of a waist, on the contrary, using thick belts in this area will help to pronounce it a little more, in the same way, well-used patterns can provide those curves that naturally are not available, for this is recommended horizontal stripes, diagonal and prints of medium size.

For their part, fitted dresses look good on these figures, it is also a body that looks good on ruffles and layers in the upper area, helping to create a feeling of curves that feel very good. V-necks are also recommended, while skinny hip-cut pants help flatter these figures.

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