What is misnaming and what does it mean for your partner to call you by their ex”s name?

Has your boyfriend or husband ever called you by their ex”s name? Well, you have to despair precisely. Since some studies that were carried out by psychologists and neurologists. As are Marcelo Berthier and David Rubin (teacher). They found that this may be completely normal. Since our brain is divided into two parts, the right hemisphere and the left. While one recognizes only faces, the other party names.

Which explains that saying the name of your ex (in psychology) by accident, can be the result of a confusion of the brain, when identifying and emitting the information of the person. So, it associates the closest thing.

However, saying my ex”s name to my girlfriend or boyfriend constantly can be a concern or a red flag.

What is misnaming?

Misnaming is a determination or word in English that means: “the confusion of names” This is for the following:

This confusion happens mostly because of how our brain orders information and people”s names. Since it places them in sections where it can be very easy to get confused.

So, when calling a certain person, we get confused by the wrong selection our brain makes in this storage.

This can also happen due to the fact that you romantically associate that person with another. This means that you have had great affection for her and unconsciously you still have her in the store of your mind. Right in the “important” section, where the current person is.

So, you make the feeling you had for the other similar to the one you now feel for the current one. And this is how you can get confused or say the name of a different person.

Meaning of your partner calling you by his ex”s name

There can be several meanings in terms of your partner calling you or telling you the name of his ex, since as explained it can be partly normal, as it can put you on alert.

So, what does it mean that my boyfriend called me by his ex”s name? If you say the name of another or your ex inadvertently in an argument or couple fight. It was probably because he associated his past relationship full of lawsuits with her name.

If your boyfriend tells you the name of his ex in bed, if it can mean that he associates how good he or she was with him or her in intimacy. So, a part of him has not completely forgotten her and still has a strong affection for her.

This happens because you got very used to the previous person, because of all the time they spent with each other in the past. So, you may get the name of your ex or someone x without necessarily thinking about her.

In other cases, if your ex”s girlfriend has the same name as you, there isn”t much to deduct from that.

What to do if your partner calls you by the name of his ex?

Really knowing what to do if your partner calls you as his ex will be a matter of each person. This will depend on how much you know her to know her true intentions.

Something basic that you can do if your partner tells you the name of another, is to think and analyze “the way he told you” And “how he told you” Look at the expressions he used when he said it and after he said it.

Once analyzed why your partner called you by the name of his ex. You can now ask him if he was confused, and what happened.

Another thing to pay attention to is the moment he told you. Whether they were in a normal conversation, in an argument or in intimacy. Depending on this, you can deduce if you should start paying much more attention or speaking sincerely to your partner.

However, you should know that all people are not perfect and by default they tend to make mistakes, this must be fully accepted.

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