What is love or infatuation? How long does love last and how many phases does it have?

Infatuation and love are often quite confused. Since you have the idea that they refer to the same romantic concept of a couple. However, this is not the case, while one is temporary, the other is not. To deduce what exactly you feel about a person and if it will last. You must know the exact definition of love and also that of infatuation.

Definition of infatuation and love according to psychology

This subject was studied and analyzed by expert psychologists. To have an exact definition of each of these feelings that human beings feel.

For which the infatuation according to psychology; It is the stage where a feeling of happiness, passion and illusion is experienced that has a momentary duration.

This happens mostly at the beginning of a relationship. Where there are many strong feelings for that person. And they can hardly be controlled. At this stage you do not see the person as he is, but as an idealization of yourself. It is a state of total blindness and continual thinking for her.

The person in love really completely obstructs what is reality, living in total fantasy. However, this usually lasts a certain time.

On the other hand, love from a psychological perspective has a very strong impact. Because it drives and motivates you to continue with a person, accepting each of their flaws, mistakes and imperfections. And of course, with its virtues and benefits.

It is a fairly strong feeling that produces chemicals in our brain, creating a good mood in our body. It is the state that allows us to choose the same person over and over again without having the need to change them. Since we appreciate it as it is.

The truth is that there are many definitions and types of love, as it is very diverse. Because there is love for a mother, father, friend, friend, self, etc. However, each of these lead to the same thing, the acceptance of each quality without wanting to change it on a whim.

How long does love last?

Although there are factors that intervene in falling in love so that it lasts for a certain time, which is not much. Love according to the scientific study of how chemicals affect our brain. They say that it can last between 3 to 4 years approximately.

However, this can happen due to the fact that perhaps it was not love but infatuation, thanks to the fact that his factors intervened, thus confusing him.

Since true love as already mentioned is a process and state of complete acceptance of how the other person is. Where we love the idea of ​​knowing every detail much more.

And we are choosing it over and over again because we think that as it is, it is ideal and that we complement each other very well. According to the neurologist doctor, Fred Nour, there are four stages that must be passed to know if a relationship will last a lifetime and if it is true love.

How many and what are the phases of love?

Here are the phases in love to know if this is true or if it is merely the process of falling in love, as far as most couples go.

You always choose your partner. This happens the moment each thing about that person attracts you, be it the most minimal or complex.

The infatuation. Where you feel an intense passion for the other person and you feel like you can”t live without them. Everything about her seems perfect and you spend a lot of time being together. Reality. They understand that not everything is a fairy tale or anything like that, and they begin to see everything from a more realistic point of view. But even so they decide to continue, because despite the fact that they have fallen strongly in the acceptance that nothing is perfect. They have decided to get over it and love it together.

It is understood that it really is love. Since despite having gone through the stage where everything almost always ends, it was not like that. And together they restarted their relationship making it much stronger, because they know that they complement each other to the fullest.

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