What is Ghosting and what to do if I get Ghosted? Ghosting types and causes

It has probably happened to many people that we are meeting someone and everything seems to be going very well, but suddenly without any cause and overnight that person disappears. This is called ghosting, then we are going to explain what ghosting is, its types and causes.

Why did my partner leave me without telling me?

Although it sounds ugly, ghosting is a new fashion, and if your partner left you and left you without saying anything, it is possible that you are not to blame, but sometimes when people no longer feel comfortable with Someone prefer to implement what is known as ghosting so as not to have to give any kind of explanations.

If you are wondering what to do when a man disappears without saying anything? The answer is very easy, what you should do is block that psychological ghosting and close the cycle with that person, because whoever your partner was already left without saying anything for the simple reason that he did not want to give you any kind of explanation and that it was the easiest way he found to leave.

Men suddenly disappear so as not to have to face their partner, they prefer to become a ghost and pretend nothing had ever happened, ghosting is a way for couples to break up because some people think that, by stopping calling, blocking the messages and not showing up anymore is the best option to break up a relationship.

Common types and causes of ghosting

There are several types of ghosting, but among the best known are: ghosting at work, in a relationship, in a relationship with friends and in family relationships.

At the same time, we must highlight and clarify that there is cybernetic ghosting or WhatsApp Ghosting, which is when a person decides to disappear from social networks, when they do not answer your calls, they block you from WhatsApp and simply decide to cut any technological link they have with you.

Meanwhile, there is also face-to-face ghosting, this happens when you usually see and go out with someone very often, but for no reason that person does not appear again and you do not see them again.

Among the frequent causes of ghosting is fear, that”s right, fear is a frequent cause because that person with whom you are dating or are talking no longer feels attraction, but for fear of your reaction they do not know how to say it, He finds to be able to solve his situation is by fleeing and not giving any kind of explanation.

Another very common cause of ghosting is that when you want to avoid some type of fight, the healthiest thing to do is to walk away without saying anything.

What is ghosting?

Many times, it happens that we are in a relationship, everything is flowing in a very beautiful way and at that moment we are in a stage where there are many calls, messages and outings very followed or daily, they are very beautiful actions that we are getting used to, but suddenly without warning and without saying goodbye that person walks away and disappears from our lives, this is known as ghosting.

So that the meaning in Spanish of the word ghosting can be understood much easier, it would be something like becoming the ghost. Now when you wonder Who ghosts?

They are all those people who prefer not to show their face and end the love, friendship or work relationship without talking maturely and decide to walk away, that is, ghosting is done by people who are afraid of facing a situation.

When this new fashionable method is practiced, it is important to note that it can have consequences for both people, the one who walks away without saying anything and the one who is waiting for an explanation, among the consequences of ghosting are:

That the person who leaves loses all credibility, but the person who remains can be affected psychologically because they will be left with questions and insecurities that cannot be answered.

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