What is friendzone and how to send a friend to the friendzone without hurting him? Friendzone phrases

There are times when we are at the stage of our life that we do not want to have romantic relationships with any boy and it turns out that our friend secretly falls in love with us.

 And we have to send it to the friendzone which is basically a state of rejection of unrequited love. Once we are in the friendzone everything becomes a bit uncomfortable in terms of outings, meeting friends and all that, because you feel that someone is watching you in a way that you will not be able to reciprocate. To avoid annoying situations, stay with us and we will teach you how to send someone to the friendzone without hurting them, phrases to friendzone someone, phrases to leave the friendzone and more.

What is friendzone?

Friendzone translated into Spanish means friend zone. Just as the word describes it, it is currently used to describe a rejection of a friend or friend. It is understood as the situation in which in a friendship, a member presents loving feelings for another, who does not feel the same.

That we are not reciprocated in love is as bad as leaving someone in the friendzone. Well, there are feelings involved and being a friend becomes even more difficult.

It has become very common to use Tumblr friendzone phrases and friendzone phrases. For example, I like another person, better as friends, best friends forever, you deserve better, I like your friendship, Better look for another person, among others.

It is important to mention that we should try to be as subtle as possible when doing it, since you definitely do not want to lose his friendship, and either way, he will feel a little hurt. You have to be there to make him feel better and still be his friend.

 How to send someone to the friendzone without it hurt?

If you still don”t know how to send a man to the friendzone without hurting him, one of our tips is that you start using hints of funny phrases from the friendzone so that your friend will realize that you already know that he likes you, but that he does not you will reciprocate.

Also, in ideas as to how to leave a friend in the friend zone without hurting him, you can sneak away, at least until he realizes that you don”t want anything.

Now if your case is that you do not know how to send a woman to the friendzone, it is best to speak directly and bluntly. We tend to be more understanding than men.

However, there are super sensitive girls who could easily suffer from a panic attack at that moment. We suggest that you be prepared for any incident that may occur and that you avoid this happening as much as possible.

If you want to figure out how to friend zone a man with whom you don”t want to lose friendship, it’s a bit complicated. It”s like friendzone someone you care about and appreciate.

And he, if it is not with you, it will be with another girl, and he will give more time to his girlfriend than to you who are a friend, whether you like it or not. Keep that in mind if you are looking for ways to friend zone a guy.

Curious friendzone phrases

To choose a suitable phrase to friendzone someone, it is not necessary to look for how to do it or how to send the wikihow to the friendzone on the internet. We can just be creative, such as instead of talking, we can act. Goofing off works with guys who pick up our hints quickly.

However, there are some who refuse to believe that we are rejecting them and that is where we have to be firm with our answers. We can tell them that we only want him as a friend, period.

But let”s not be so harsh, if we behave like witches, he will think that you never valued his friendship. A plus, avoid accepting outings alone, this can seem like a date and he can misinterpret it.

Other phrases to leave someone in the friendzone more used when you do not know how to send someone to the friendzone are:

  • You”re my best friend
  • I already arranged to go out with someone else
  • I”ll let you know. I”m not ready
  • I”m not looking for a partner nowa

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