What Is Frictional Unemployment

Do you know what frictional employment is? Continuing with the wave of your rights as a worker, we come to talk to you about this form of unemployment that has to do with what you yourself want, according to your status and knowledge, which are usually what you need for this program.

The frictional unemployment is none other than to keep during the time you end up with a job and looking the other as a stationary part that allows you the chance to find something that is closer to what you know very well or drive.

It is possible that you yourself have retired from the company, for your same interests because you want to take time to think things over, relax, start or finish a university degree or courses of any kind or simply a better job offer.

The time stipulated between the dates you left your job and the search for the next one is often called frictional unemployment, through which you choose many vacancies with better remuneration or, on the contrary, you have decided to do other activities where the work you were doing stopped you.

For this reason, keep reading and you will know from now on many tricks, tips and ideas about this type of unemployment which you can choose to maintain your status while you get something that does satisfy your desire to improve in any other company.

What do you need?

  • Low paid jobs.
  • Temporary jobs.
  • Own decision.
  • Better paid job.


Frictional unemployment is that which is mainly reflected among students who have recently graduated from any of the university courses in a country, or those who have left and cannot find jobs commensurate with their degree obtained.

These are frictional unemployment.

  1. They are literally new resources that are at the doors of jobs that are not the most appropriate to their level of knowledge and therefore they decide to wait for a more profitable opportunity that provides them with a new way of life or quality of life.
  2. It is possible that the offers that are received come from companies where the vacancies are needed are not according to your knowledge, for this it is best to wait or take any job in search of some experience in any field that allows you to reap an experienced resume.
  3. Frictional unemployment is the one that is maintained according to the needs, principles, knowledge and other interests of the person seeking the job through which a better quality offer is expected to start carrying out their work.
  4. The causes that motivate a person to be in frictional unemployment are very diverse, but in them the most obvious can be: Health of a family member or staff; Little knowledge; Pre or post university studies; A better job; Change of address; Better working conditions; Economic motivation; Better benefits; Schedule; Others.
  5. In short, there are many causes that we can have when it comes to being in a period of frictional unemployment, but whatever the reason, the most important thing is that the person is conditioned to improve their way of life according to what knows.
  6. Frictional unemployment is voluntary, that is, it does not depend on the employer or the employment agency, and even the agency in charge of having the employment subsidy, more than anything the person who wants to wait for a better opportunity does.
  7. During this process it is possible that new offers may arise that have to do with the knowledge acquired during the time that it has been stopped, so it is not a worrying situation for the person who maintains this status.
  8. That is why the possibility of adjusting the changes required by the different companies must be taken into account, according to the knowledge of the person, in this sense, constant communication must be maintained between one and the other for a job offer.
  9. The job seeker may have to spend time, energy, effort in looking for a better job offer, but it should be announced that it is necessary to have the possibility of being constant in what you want to find what you need.
  10. Frictional unemployment has the characteristic of being a natural way to find the ideal job for the person, who strives to have the best, as long as he maintains responsibility, patience and dedication to his search.
  11. It is possible that at some point the frictional unemployment rate will decrease, in which the employee does not decide to leave his job easily since he has to wait for the country”s economy to improve and to open new doors with better benefits.
  12. If you are in this process, you are in search of a better job opportunity that will generate a better offer and a demand according to your level of studies achieved, so it is important to constantly have the doors open.
  13. It is possible that as you find yourself parked in frictional unemployment, you have the possibility of being in a state of new entry to the labor market, with new or renewed ideas so that any company can emerge easily.
  14. When you are going to apply for a new job, one of the characteristics that is asked of you is to have the necessary experience to guarantee to the company that you are the person they are looking for, many times you may not have it but it is possible that they hire you for your charisma and determination.
  15. The need for a better quality of life is what provides that people go out in search of better jobs and become the main source of frictional unemployment that any country or state has, therefore a business structuring is necessary.
  16. The stress of the purchasing power of the employee generates the need to better organize the way to search for a better job opportunity, therefore it is important to have something that meets the expectations of those who apply for new jobs.
  17. Keep in mind that family needs are a priority and it may be possible that a family member needs you to take care of them, therefore it is essential to use frictional unemployment to give you time to think about new opportunities attending a health case.
  18. The changes of residence are usually made on the needs of each other, it is important then to have the availability to perform calculations that achieve important to respond to the pros and cons of moving to filly city for a job.


  • You must be aware of your needs and make them a priority for you in the conditions in which you find yourself.
  • Always avoid arguing with the refusal of any offer, no matter how lucrative it may be, it may not be according to your needs.
  • Look for ways to get what you need in another city where opportunities are more close at hand.
  • The important thing is that you have the willingness to emerge in whatever job you have been called to or wait for a better one to come along.

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