What happens if I block someone on Facebook?

Facebook has become one of the most used social networks worldwide, but as is often the case in these cases, it has a dark side. One of the most common advice that is given is to accept as friends only the people you really know, but there is always some stranger who tries to start a conversation with us, a friend that we no longer want to know anything else or someone we want to block by your behavior.

So you can do it quietly and know what consequences this gesture has, in the following article we explain what happens if I block someone on Facebook.

Steps to follow:

1.He cannot add you as a friend. If you wonder what happens if I block someone on Facebook you should know that, of course, someone you have blocked can no longer be your friend on Facebook anymore (until you unlock it, although we will go into detail later). This is a good option if there is someone who does not stop sending you friend requests and you have already tired of rejecting them, because if you block it you will not receive any more friend requests.

2.If you block someone on Facebook, this person will also not be able to see what you post on your profile. The blocked contact will not have access to your profile, so they will not be able to see your updates but also you’re statuses, your photos, videos, shared links, etc. Of course, you cannot like or leave comments.

3.Without tags. The blocking also affects your updates, because it will not be able to tag you in the contents that you share with your friends (it goes without saying that you will not be able to tag it in photos, videos, states or links).

4.chat will not work. It is not necessary to have a contact in your group of friends to send a private message through the Facebook chat, because you can do it before starting the friendship relationship. However, if you have blocked a contact, neither can send a direct message to the other contact from the chat or Facebook Messenger.

5.No events or groups. Finally. If you wonder what happens if I block someone on Facebook, you should know that you cannot invite each other to events or groups.

Of course, keep in mind that if you are in a group where the blocked contact is also present, you will receive the messages that contact sends through that group (same as yours). That is the only form of contact that we can maintain in this social network with a blocked contact. If a common friendship creates a group, it can introduce you both without problems.

6.In short, we can say that when you block someone you disappear from the map. The other contact cannot find you either through common contacts or in the search box and neither can you. In addition, you will not receive any notification that you have blocked it.

7.Blocking a contact is not the same as removing it from our list of friends, but after one of the latest updates from Facebook, if you decide to change your mind and unlock a contact, you will have to send the friend request again (before it was restored automatically friendship). What you can do is send private messages through the chat.



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