What are the best phrases, poems and letters of love or friendship in French or in English?

Surely you have experienced a situation in which you feel attracted to a person, but you do not know how to express your feelings, and many times this makes us feel helpless and we can even develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder due to it.

Next, we will teach you the best way to do it in a way that will undoubtedly make the other person astonished at your romanticism and perceive that feeling that you want to express, through flirty phrases in English, French love poems, phrases of love songs in English, and several more. What are the best phrases, poems and love letters to dedicate?

French love texts are a safe bet. If you are trying to get someone”s attention, try reciting some French love poems in French. With this it will definitely fall at your feet. Now, if you are a person who is not very romantic, with some compliment in French will be enough to be the center of their attention.

You can also use your creativity using inspiration from reading some French verses or love poetry in French. To these you just add some phrases of love and beautiful phrases that you consider that the other person will love. This way you will have a unique way of conquering someone. Some ideas for when we want to find phrases for my boyfriend can be found in songs. Try that these are in another language so that when translating them they do not look very used. You can use famous singers who talk a lot about love in their songs like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Adele, or Jhon Legend, Ed Sheeran, and others.

What are the best friendship texts to dedicate?

The best texts to dedicate without a doubt are those that come from our hearts, that we ourselves create with the inspiration that that person gives us.

However, if you are like many of us who do not know where to start, a very good and effective trick is to use French love poems with translation, French text of love, Spanish love phrases. And anything else that helps you express yourself.

We take the focus off the partner a bit for these and focus more on loyalty and things like honesty, support, and time. Of course, we are not going to put love aside. But just try not to make it look too infatuated because things might get confused.

Best love phrases in French and English translated into Spanish

If you are looking for love phrases in French, poems in French to fall in love with and short love poems in French to arm yourself with courage and go to declare your love to that person you like so much, you can consider the lyrics of many romantic songs.

Well, many of these lyrics have been permanently stored in our heads because of their way of talking about love. No matter the genre, you can find romantic phrases in any genre of music.

Of course, you also have to be careful that you don”t get lost with some rather bawdy phrases. This is why we must know the metaphors mentioned in the sentences so as not to convey an incorrect message.

Certainly, these short love phrases in French are direct and precise to help you show the love of your life what you feel.

However, if you want something more original and personal, you can choose to create your own text, then translate it into the language, it can be French, and it will look like one of the authentic French phrases with which you will be able to surprise him. As for love poems in French, one of the best is the one written by Charles Baudelaire and whose name is deceptive love. 

This poem fills us with many feelings. Well, talk about the love of your life in such a unique and mysterious way that it makes anyone shudder just hearing it. Not for nothing is he one of the best and over time he has maintained this title. Otherwise, it is not always about knowing the most popular, many more topics await with this metaphorical level.

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