What are the advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat?

At present, not only students share a flat. There are endless people who for some reasons or others decide to rent a house with another or other people. The truth is that although it may seem like a good idea, there are many points to consider when deciding to live with a partner. So, it is necessary to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat to finish making the decision.

Steps to follow:

1.The main advantage we find when sharing a flat is to share expenses. Life is expensive, and in certain cities more. For this reason, having a person with whom to share expenses such as water or electricity can be a solution to our economic problems.

2.Another advantage of sharing a flat is the experience itself, as this can help us learn to live with another person. This coexistence will bring out the best and the worst of us, something that will undoubtedly make us mature and grow as people.

3.Although it is not necessary to have a close relationship with friends with our roommate, the truth is that living with someone is fun. We can share our day to day with another person, tell you how we have done at work or rely on them in bad times.

4.Living with another person in a rental apartment can also have negative points. To start, each person has a different character. It is difficult to find someone with whom we do not have any friction in living together. Moreover, we can start living with someone thinking that we are related and end this experience quite badly because of incompatibility of characters. For this reason, the choice of partner is perhaps the most important.

5.When sharing expenses with another person, it may be the case that someone refuses to pay any bills. This would cause a rather awkward problem, because money issues always end badly.

6.Aspects such as cleanliness are essential. While it is true that the ideal is to share household chores, on many occasions we can meet with roommates who refuse to do them or do them at the wrong time. These types of attitudes will generate conflicts in living together.

7.It is also important to see what the hobbies of our future partner are. In this way we will avoid encountering things that we may not like very much.

8.Finally, we must also take into account the issue of food. Something as simple as the distribution of the trays of a refrigerator or finishing the common products without leaving a note, can trigger real bell battles within a shared flat.

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