What alternatives do we have to laser hair removal?

Waxing is an option highly influenced by aesthetic canons. Although removing hair is not bad for your health, the method used can be.

To wax or not is a very personal decision. It is obvious that we are influenced by the dominant aesthetic canons in our society, but these are changing – how many men grew beards a few years ago – and there are always people who decide to go against the tide.

Regarding health, removing hair is not harmful because in humans its functions, regulating body temperature and protecting the skin, are of little importance. Another thing is the hair removal method.


The laser is surely the most controversial. The laser energy targets melanin and literally burns hair to the roots, but it can cause redness, burns, hyperpigmentation and pain, especially in people with dark skin or light hair.

It is also discouraged before puberty ends: the hair has not finished its development and the result may not be acceptable.

The intense pulsed light is similar (many confuse it with the laser), more suitable for people with dark skin or light hair. This technology is what is used in permanent hair removal devices for use at home. It requires more sessions, but it is less aggressive because the energy required is less.

Both methods should, in any case, be used under the control of a dermatologist who can assess contraindications, decide doses and intensities, and treat possible complications.

Lasers and intense pulsed light are sold as “definitive” methods, but it would be better to say “long-lasting”, as they require several initial sessions and annual maintenance.


The alternative to technological methods is wax and razor.

With hot wax you have to be careful, as it is easy to burn; cold is safer. We discard depilatory creams, as they are aggressive chemicals and can also cause allergic reactions; in young skin they are especially contraindicated.

The sugaring is a very interesting option. Instead of wax, a mixture of water, sugar and lemon juice is applied. It requires more time than wax (a little over half an hour for each leg), but it is less painful, less aggressive on the skin and quite effective.

The simplest method, but also the least durable, is shaving. Currently there are very effective razors that adapt very well to the route on female forms.

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