Ways to seduce a woman to kiss her

Knowing what might be the best time to kiss the girl of your dreams can be difficult. However, although there is no logical way to seduce the woman you like and want to kiss, you can increase your chances of getting her to be attracted to you through a series of tactics and skills that are they focus on both verbal and non-verbal communication.

In this article we show you step by step some ways to seduce a woman to kiss her. In this way you will learn some seduction techniques that will surely make you successful with the woman you like.

The perfect place to seduce a woman to kiss her

The first step to seducing a girl into a kiss is choosing the right place. Trying to kiss a woman in a crowded place, with your friends in front of you, is not the same as an intimate place where you can be alone with her. If you are in a place like a coffee shop or pub with your friends, you can ask him to go outside for some fresh air. And if not, you can also propose an appointment to meet another day.

The best environment

The atmosphere of that place is also important. A place with a soft light, for example, the sunset, would be more romantic and seductive than trying to kiss her in broad daylight. If it is a rainy day, you can find a cozy refuge for both of you. Or on the contrary, if it is the middle of the night, look for a place where the light of the moon and the stars is more remarkable.

An interesting conversation to win her over

The next step that will take you to the moment of the kiss is that you try to have an interesting conversation with her. The important thing is that she has to feel heard at all times, but that you also participate in the conversation and not only appear to be listening. To do this, you can ask her about what she thinks, her hobbies and other things. When she talks to you about these things, an important point for her to feel heard is to flatter her tastes in music, food, etc.


It is time to become a little more intimate with the woman you want to kiss. Now you have to focus on giving her sincere compliments so that she feels special and unique. For this you can tell her how beautiful her eyes are or that her smile is charming.

Such compliments will seduce her more if you say them in a romantic tone. To do this, you must lower your voice a little, look her in the eyes or, even, if you see your girl very receptive, you can whisper it in her ear.

Interpret the signals of the woman you want to kiss

The next step, before launching yourself to kiss her, is to see if she is receptive. Non-verbal communication will be very important in interpreting her signals: see if she blushes when you talk to her, if she frequently bites or wet her lips, if there is a lot of eye contact between the two of you, etc. You can also try putting an arm around her or briefly stroking her hair or hands. If she responds in a receptive way, then you have managed to seduce her and she will want you to kiss her.

The moment to kiss the woman you like

The time has come to kiss the woman you like so much. In order not to be too abrupt or if you are afraid that he will reject you, you can start by giving him a hug and at the moment of separating, give him a soft kiss on the cheek. At this time, your faces will be very close, so you can take advantage of the moment to caress her cheek and kiss her gently on the mouth.

Now that you have managed to seduce her and kiss her, you must start giving her soft kisses and take all the time in the world to enjoy this magical moment.

Finally, when you want to finish the kiss, do it with a bit of style to finish seducing her. To do this, while you are finishing kissing her, you can run your fingers through her hair or kiss her hand. With this you will make her want to kiss you again.


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