Vaseline beauty tips

Petroleum jelly is a product derived from petroleum that is frequently used in beauty treatments. Its cheap price, its protective properties and its multiple uses have led many women to use petroleum jelly for aesthetic purposes.

If you want to join them and discover different beauty tricks with petroleum jelly, take note! Here we have selected the best uses for petroleum jelly.

Why is Vaseline good for your personal care?

The Vaseline has a number of intrinsic properties that make it perfect for the care of our skin and our body. The use that people give to petroleum jelly is, above all, focused on moisturizing the lips during winter or preventing skin aging.

However, petroleum jelly provides more benefits for your beauty by having protective, lubricating and emollient properties (that is, the property of softening dry areas of the skin). Next, we explain the best beauty tips with petroleum jelly that exist.

Thicker lashes with petroleum jelly

Show off celebrity eyelashes thanks to this beauty trick with petroleum jelly. You just have to mix in a container a little petroleum jelly, castor oil and cinchona extract; apply this mixture on your lashes every night for at least a month.

The next morning you should rinse your eyes with plenty of water and prevent the mixture from getting into your eyes. In just 1 month you will enjoy thicker and brighter eyelashes.

Say goodbye to wrinkles with petroleum jelly

The crow”s feet or the lines of expression on the forehead begin to make an impression on our face over the years. But now you can treat wrinkles with a very effective home remedy: petroleum jelly.

To create our homemade anti-wrinkle cream with petroleum jelly we will have to mix a little petroleum jelly, wheat germ oil and a tablespoon of rose oil, which you can buy at any natural products store; these ingredients will have to be mixed in a bain-marie in a container over low heat. When the petroleum jelly is completely melted, we must remove the mixture and let it rest until it cools down.

This beauty trick with petroleum jelly is very simple to apply: you just have to take a little of this home remedy with your finger and spread it on your crow”s feet or your forehead wrinkles. Repeat this process every night before bed and in a few weeks you will see how the depth of your wrinkles has decreased and you will look younger and brighter.

Vaseline to prolong your perfume

Are you tired of putting on perfume in the morning and that after two hours all the aroma has been lost? Calm down with this beauty trick with petroleum jelly, you will be able to make the perfume last longer.

The procedure to achieve this is very simple: before spraying yourself with your perfume, apply some petroleum jelly to your wrists or neck. With this simple beauty trick you will get the scent of your perfume to last longer, you will see!

Vaseline as a skin scrub

One of the best beauty tricks with petroleum jelly is to use it as a scrub. Help remove dead skin and skin impurities now you can do it yourself with this home remedy where you only need a little petroleum jelly and a handful of salt or sugar.

You smear your body with this mixture of petroleum jelly and sugar and rub your hand over the places you want to exfoliate. Once done, you should rinse with plenty of water and add moisturizer so that your skin is smooth and nourished.

Petroleum jelly precautions

  • If the petroleum jelly comes into contact with your eyes, you should rinse them with plenty of water.
  • If you notice that your skin experiences redness, irritation or any other skin alteration, it is recommended that you visit your dermatologist for advice on your beauty care.

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