Tricks to make my mobile Internet faster

What did we do before having Internet on our mobile? It is clear that our lives were much more difficult and boring, although we still have much to go. For example, have you ever been desperate for the (low) speed at which your Internet connection goes on your mobile? It has happened to all of us and there are many possible causes. The good news? It can usually be solved! Here are several tricks to make your mobile Internet faster.

Restart the connection

Many times it”s that simple: reset the connection either by restarting the smartphone, or by activating airplane mode and then deactivating it again. As sometimes at home just restart the router, here many times this reset helps improve speed.

Close apps

Maybe the problem is not the connection, but your smartphone is not able to be faster. One of the most common reasons is to have many apps open at once, all of them using memory and making the phone”s processor work too much. Close all applications that you do not need to have open for what you are doing.

Clean histories and memory

Other times it is a matter of space and small elements that ballast the memory. Delete files! Start with the history of the Internet, your downloaded emails, browser cookies, cache. Depending on your smartphone, this will be done in different ways, but you can usually find the options in the general configuration or in the particular browser.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network

If you notice that the mobile Internet is slow when you are connected to 3G, try whenever you can connect to a Wi-Fi network. In addition to not consuming data, they usually allow you to navigate somewhat faster.

Change your data plan

Did only the Wi-Fi work? Take a look at the mobile data plan you have hired, since it is very possible that the problem is there.

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