Tricks to increase muscle mass

When starting an exercise routine there are usually two goals in mind: to tone up and build muscle mass. But getting the latter is not always an easy task, that”s why here we present a series of tricks to increase muscle mass and achieve your sports goals.


A selective diet will help us in our goal of increasing our muscle mass. Sugars will not be good allies in this task, since they burn quickly when doing sports. Rather, we must choose foods that contain protein and fat. In addition, it is efficient to spread our intakes over four or five meals throughout the day. We should not cut ourselves when it comes to taking nuts and eggs should not be missing from our diet. To know more keys in detail, you can consult the articles how to eat to increase muscle mass.

Run away from medications

It is not recommended that we take drugs to increase muscle mass, since it would be a way to deceive our body and once, we stop taking them, we would return to the initial situation. Especially, we will avoid those products that are only sold through web pages and we will be careful as sometimes some are illegal.

Ideal exercises

The most appropriate exercises that we should practice, in the gym or at home, to gain muscle mass are those that mobilize a large number of muscles in our body, such as squats. This happens because these types of activities, which are complex, instead of focusing on a specific muscle, increase the secretion of hormones such as testosterone or growth, which in turn help in the process of protein synthesis.

Rest and organization

We have to rest enough and not obsess over our goal of gaining muscle mass, which is certainly not something that we will achieve in a matter of days, but will be the result of effort and perseverance. In order for the challenge to be met, a realistic diet and training plan must be established in the sense that it can be carried out. Otherwise, the chances of abandonment will be very high.

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