Tricks to cure children”s bumps

If there is something that comes implicitly many times in children”s games, those are the falls.

Landing on the ground in the middle of the game is something of the most usual, and many times in addition to injuries we can find a bump if the blow has taken place on the child”s head.

The cold to relieve the bumps of children

Although it may seem scandalous, if we manage to catch it in time it is easy to cure a bump with small tricks in our own house, so that it does not grow and that it is not excessively annoying for our son.

The first step in curing a bump on a child is to reduce swelling as much as possible through the cold. This is achieved by putting ice on the affected area, and it is better that we cover it for example with a cloth or with a towel so that the skin does not burn. Using some ice cubes and putting them in one of these garments will help the child feel better , and will be the most effective for the first moments, when he is probably in tears and also feels quite painful.

If you do not have at hand ice cubes, we will pay any package we have in the freezer, such as a bag of peas that can reduce at least momentarily the part of the head of our child who is at that moment swollen.

6 tips for curing children”s head bumps

Once we have achieved that at least it does not hurt in excess and we want the bump to go no further, we can implement certain tricks that will help us, both that day and the following:

1 – Anti-inflammatory ointment: When the bump has been lowered a little, if it is still excessively large, then we can prevent the symptoms from going further with an ointment that has anti-inflammatory properties.

2 – A hot cloth: When 24 hours have passed since the event, what we must do so that the purple area does not appear is to apply a little cloth with hot water to our little one.

3 – Menthol: When it is already being solved, so that the pain and swelling disappear definitively, we can apply menthol so that finally the head returns to its being.

4 – Arnica: Arnica is a plant that is used to make ointments to treat bruises. You also have it on stick, which is much more comfortable. If you use arnica leaves, you can prepare an infusion and apply it on the affected area.

5 – Lavender: it is a natural plant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Use some lavender cream or oil to cure children”s bumps.

6 – Ground parsley and butter: it is used in many areas as a ”homemade trick” against children”s bumps. Crush in a parsley mortar with a little butter and you will get an ointment that you can apply on the affected area.

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