Tricks for firmer skin

Having firm and beautiful skin depends fundamentally on healthy lifestyle habits and some routine care that the dermis needs to slow down the effects of aging. Otherwise, over time, the cell renewal process becomes slower and slower, causing the body”s skin to lose its natural elasticity and firmness.

 Although it is impossible to completely stop sagging, there are certain practices and measures that you can put into practice so that your skin is in perfect condition and young. Don”t miss the following tricks to have firmer skin!

Tricks for firmer skin: hydration

The hydration both inside and outside is essential because it is the only way to ensure cell renewal and delay the signs of aging. Drinking enough water daily (2 l) will help keep your skin firmer and a much healthier body.

To show off a good-looking skin and avoid sagging, buy some specific firming creams for it. We recommend those that contain ingredients such as collagen, retinol, vitamin E, aloe Vera or rosehip oil, they are ideal to promote the smoothness and elasticity of the dermis.

Tricks for firmer skin: increase collagen production

Both collagen and elastin are proteins that are responsible for protecting the elasticity and firmness of the skin, something essential for it to look young and beautiful. That is why increasing the production of these substances will help you fight against premature aging; do you want to know how to achieve it? Find out in the article How to increase the production of collagen and elastin, you will see that it is very simple and that recovering the firmness of your skin is within your reach.

Tricks for firmer skin: massage

Something as simple as self- massage in the shower is also ideal to combat sagging skin. Circular massages in areas of the body such as the abdomen, legs, hips or buttocks, reactivate blood and lymphatic circulation and restore the firmness of the skin. If you also want to reduce the unsightly orange peel, you can massage yourself by applying a good anti-cellulite cream and using the spectacular horsehair glove.

Tricks for firmer skin: exercise

It is no secret that the best results for firmer skin come from regular physical exercise. It is enough to dedicate 20 or 30 minutes a day to do some physical activity to maintain an optimal state of health and also promote the good appearance of the skin. Going for a run, swimming, Zumba classes, spinning, cycling …, any activity you enjoy will allow you to tone your muscles and, consequently, tighten the skin tissues.

Tricks for firmer skin: firming masks

The skin of the face is more delicate than that of other parts of the body and, therefore, deserves to be carefully cared for. In addition to avoiding exposure to the sun for too long and keeping it well hydrated, you may look firmer and smoother by using some natural masks made from ingredients like oatmeal, yogurt, honey, citrus, tomato, or chocolate. All of them are powerful rejuvenators and preserve the natural elasticity of the skin, discover the recipe for these treatments in the article How to make a firming mask for the face.

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