Touch save! Get lots of coins on Mario Kart Tour without spending a cent

We help you to exploit the Gold Rush mode to buy items in the store.

Being a free-to-play for mobile phones, it was expected that the economy of Mario Kart Tour was profiled to the millimeter to ensure regular income. In other words, you are likely to be tempted to take out the credit card from time to time to buy rubies and quickly unlock items from the store that you fancy. If, on the other hand, you are determined not to spend a cent or just want to know how to save a few euros to get your favorite equipment, this guide is for you.

Logically, you will get coins while playing your games normally, but from time to time you can also activate the Gold Rush mode. This is the key to getting a lot of coins quickly, but the number of coins you can get is different depending on the conditions in which this special mode is activated.

  • Free Gold Rush Pass: 300 coins maximum
  • 5 rubies: x2 coins (600)
  • 15 rubies: x6 coins (1,800)
  • 25 rubies: x10 coins (3,000)

You will get random free passes between cups, and there is no reason to want to keep them: if it touches you and you trust your own ability, spend it and get as many coins as you can. Rubies are another story, of course. You can always buy them or get them through an optional subscription, but in this guide we are determined to spend little or no money. How can you get free rubies?

At the time of writing these lines, there are only a couple of methods to unlock rubies without paying on Mario Kart Tour, and both have to do with the Qualifying Cup , which is unlocked just after completing the Yoshi Cup (the third in the game) . If you meet this requirement, you will get rubies randomly between cups, and you will also get some more if you manage to finish in the top 6 of them. As you can see, the process is not fast; but at least it is safe.

In short, you will want to complete the Yoshi Cup to unlock the Qualifying Cup and play a lot and very well from there to get rubies. You can activate the Gold Rush mode from time to time using free coupons, and manually with rubies. If you spend a lot, it will increase the extra coin cap you can get in that mode.

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