TOP 6 Tips to Lose Fat Permanently

One of the most common dreams of so many fitness enthusiasts out there today is to lose fat and reduce their fat percentage to levels where they are marked. With these tips we will help you achieve your goals of losing body fat.

The key to achieving a muscular and toned body in addition to, of course, a healthy and adequate diet is that you need to trigger a series of important elements that magnify fat burning. There are a few simple ways to increase your training and nutrition to help drive fat loss.

Shorten your breaks

Many times after a long day of work or early in the morning we do not realize how much rest we take between sets and we leave it a little aside. Instead of just resting, make the time of your breaks between sets take only 30 seconds at most, this will help you lose fat and calories.

It ends with intensity

Instead of finishing your workout and going out to go home, try adding in 10 minutes of fast, high-intensity training to the end. This will help boost your metabolism just before finishing. The key is to simply raise your heart rate. Try doing some sprints, kettlebell weight changes, or jumping rope before leaving the gym.


Cardio is your friend when it comes to losing fat. But you don”t have to spend hours on the cardio machines, just go upstairs and do some quick high intensity interval training (HIIT) and you will notice the benefits quickly. They are not easy workouts, but they will give your body a blast that will even help you burn calories at rest.

Carbohydrates Cycle

This is something to be careful about and do correctly, but it can be very beneficial in fat loss. You start by keeping carbohydrates somewhere, less than 100 grams per day for several days and then you will continue with a high carbohydrate day. Studies have shown that this is effective when it comes to weight loss and fat loss.

Exit the quick fixes

There is no quick fix to fat loss. No magic pill or secret diet will quickly lower your body fat. It is hard and consistent work that has to do with your lifestyle and patience. It has to be something that you can adapt every day to your life. If it sounds good to be true, it most likely is.

Take the trash out of your life

Keeping a lot of junk food in your house is only going to make the ultimate goal you want to achieve more difficult. Sure, you can “have a cheat day” here and there and eat the things you still like, but anything that has a binge tendency is something you need to remove from your home. Temptation doesn”t help when you”re really trying to lose fat.

At the end of the day you have to change your life. It can”t be something you do for a week and then quit. Stay focused, believe in the process and you will reach your goals. Once you start to lose fat, the results will be enough motivation!

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